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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Legal stuff for legal age.

Hi from 3 of us.
Good morning everyone! Did you had a good night sleep?
For me, I don't. My stomach was grumbling throughout the night; not because I'm hungry but because (I think) it's digesting food?
And I didn't went into deep sleep, sorta like half-dreaming half-awake kinda sleep.
So anyway, Eve, Cong & I went out to relax during the holidays.
Initially it was a girls night out, but Jas & Serene didn't make it. We turned to the gang, most of them cannot make it too, only Cong. But that does not deter us from cancelling the event! :D
We went out to drink! :D
Yup, we want to go to a bar or lounge to chill & drink, because we have reached 18!
The 3 of us went to pierce our ear first, but I didn't pierce because the shops in CWP does not offer piercing of forward helix. :( Oh well, guess I'll have to go Bugis. x)
We had the whole day to ourselves, we met at 5pm and took a train to Dhoby Ghaut because Eve wanted to eat at Strictly Pancakes,
As predicted, there were people queuing up & there's a sign that reads 'FULL HOUSE'. Damn.
So we ate & drink in the bar/restaurant next door. :D
I have no idea what is the name of the bar because I didn't take note of it. :x
I ordered a salmon pasta, Eve ordered baked potato pasta, Cong ordered some kind of Aglio Olio?
It was tasty!!!!!!
The 3 of us got a bottle of white wine too because there's a promotion xP
But 1 bottle can have about 5-6 cups so we went ahead to get it.
We chilled & chatted over the food & wine. The interior deco is really good too! Good food + good environment = ENJOY LIFE.
The wine left in the bottle is less than 1/10 of it, so Eve suggested doing one-shot.
We poured the wine into our wine glass, with the same volume.
This is the 1st time I'm doing one-shot man.
I felt hot inside me, like I'm sweating inside.
But it was fun. :B Here are the photos from the bar:

She look so sweet here, doesn't she?

After the meal, Cong & I were feeling a little bit dizzy. Of course, it's only a bottle of wine. If anyone got drunk because of less than 5 cups of wine, then it's something to laugh about.
We went to Clark Quay to enjoy the night scenery that is filled with bars and pubs with foreigners and babes.

Selca w Ong
We strolled around, trying to find a good bar to have another round of drinks, but we didn't manage to fidn one. And only yesterday then I know that there's Hooters in Singapore!
We chilled at The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) and drink instead. Eve drank coffee while Cong & I drank beer.
It's blur, but it reminds me of something....
I look so funny here but I'm still putting up on my blog.

Selfie hehe

Oh in Clark Quay, TCC, we met an adorable & pretty friend! Check out Karisa!

This little cute creature.
It all started out when I became friendly with her, smiling & waving at her. She gave actions of shyness, it's normal lah xD
Eve noticed & started to play along. She decided to label us as 'friendly, nice, pretty, kind strangers-friends' so she took a step & played with us. More like entertaining us.
Her mother was chilling with her friends beside our table, she doesn't seem to are though.
She took a TCC book-menu and pretend it was a storybook.
She kept hiding behind the pillar, and coming back with a new story. There was Dinosaurs & Princesses.
Eve asked if Cinderella is her favourite princess, she answered her & Repunzel.
Awwwww sweetness overload!!!
She kept saying 'BYEBYE' then go around the pillar, coming back and say 'HI!!!'. Really playful. xD
She even played Teacher-students with Eve & I being her students. For Cong, she did entertain him but only for a short while. xP
Being in a Mentoring Club, Eve & I played along!! But Eve is a better student than I am because Karisa keep marking me wrong :(
Then I ask Cong to lend me his note for her to draw stuff on. She's not shy anymore! That's fast.

We took these three by pretending to take selfies 

Real cutiepie you are, Karisa. She opened her mouth when she took a picture with me, but I didn't know. So I tell her to take another photo but with the same post. Oh darling.
It was a night to remember! Thank you Karisa for making our night! I doubt we will see you soon but, who knows! We might bumped into each other one day hahahaha!

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