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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Think your level of handling horror is high?


Did I scare you? I think not. :okay:
Remember the previous post I have mentioned that I'll be having a Halloween event?
Nope, I am not the one organising & planning this event (which I may when I'm Year 2). In fact, I am gonna be IN the event!
That's right! I am one of the scare actors!
Pretty cool & exciting, huh? I know ;)
It is a new event, with only its 3rd year or was it 4th year operating this year.

What is so good & unique about this event?

1. It consists of 4D simulator.
You know, 4D rides that pumps in adrenaline in your blood, forcing the scream out of your lungs. Popped out images that make you swing your hands hoping the monster will get out of your face. The best part about this programme is that, it brings you into the world of 4D, making you feel like you're part of it. What's your excuse not to go?

2. There is a story line following the maze.
I cannot reveal exactly what it is, you'll have to go there and experience yourself in order to get 100% feel. You will be led through, from the beginning to the end, what the characters and showing without talking (maybe screaming).

3. Free unlimited tries for all rides.
If you buy the early fright pass, you can get spooked as many times as you want! (That's if, you like thrills ;D)

We also have roaming scare actors for you to take photos with and keep it as memories! Just don't provoke them or else they go insane! (Hahahah, who am I kidding?!)
Here's the link to purchase the fright pass: click me .
If you lost your way drifting here, no worries, here's a guide: map

I guarantee it will be a fun & spooky night to remember! So come on down to experience the thrills and amusing scare actors!

I'll see you there... In fact, I see you now.... hehehe...

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