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Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Teachers' Day

It's Teachers' Day today! I don't get to celebrate it this year because I'm out of secondary school.
So yesterday I went back to Riverside Secondary School to visit my ex-classmates & teachers.
I'm more than glad that more than half of my classmates went back to RS. Don't misunderstood; my class is a very bonded and united class. I am boasting about this because I am very proud to be in 5/1.
It's a class that we work in one. ♥
Okay anyway, we went back to school but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of teachers there as well as ex-Riversidians.
Guess we came too late & the teachers were already starting to have their Teachers' Day lunch.
Well, we saw Ms Jasmine Lim, Mr Xie & Mr Teo.

Fian, Cong, Ms Jasmine Lim and I!

We chatted with Mr Xie but he has to attend the lunch.

Hey Yuwen!
Sam y u look unhappy?
'sup Amanda?
Praveen & Eve
x2 shot
Him with me!
The class wanted to have sushi buffet at Sakura but sadly the lunch buffet only left with 45 minutes. :(
It is so hard to find a suitable place to eat with such a big group, but thank God there is seats for the whole group of us in Pizza Hut!!
I ordered the Fully Loaded Crust pizza, together with Eve, Gaayathri & Durka.

Can you spot my teacher?
The boys' corner. Can you spot my other 2 teachers?
The female stale. (I don't even know what that means I just know it rhymes)
x2 shot
x3 selca
It was extremely creamy but delicious! I like the minced chicken inside, but it was really too creamy for my liking. I gave it a 6.5/10 pizzas.
Even though we sat in 4 different tables, Mr Teo & Ms Kok came over to over table to have a chat! It was really nice talking to them because the conversation flow smoothly. (Just 1 or 2 4 seconds awkward silence).
All tables were filled with loud laughter and clapping.
I'm so grateful to have them as classmates :')

There are actually more photos but it is not in my camera, so I will not upload them here!
I am looking forward to the next gathering!!
5/1 forever in my heart <3 p="">
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I need to follow more too, my photo timeline is always not changing xP.
Goodbye! Wonder when will be the next time I update..

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