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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metallica concert

I like the fire at the front because it looks like it's blazing with fire when it speeds :)

Sup guys!!
I'm back with something! Yes if you know who are the heavy metal legends in the photo above!
Yup, but if you guess that I went to watch them create a sick gig yesterday, you are wrong...
How I wish I could!! I mean, it's a f*cking concert!!
But oh well, the reason why I went to the Changi Exhibition Centre is because I signed up to be a helper for the concert. And by helper, I meant usher.
I have a lot to rant about this event. Mostly negativity. Sorry.

In the morning I met with Aishah to help her with her make-up and grab a light breakfast before meeting the group. We were suppose to meet at the meeting point at 10.45am, but they didn't leave. By 11am, the lecturer said we were moving off to the coach, but less than 10 steps we stopped. And waited again.
We waited for 10-15 minutes before we really went to the coach. Upon reaching the coach bay, we WAITED AGAIN, for the bus. But the bus came after several minutes.

Did I interrupt you with the pictures? Hahaha.
When we reached the event venue, we could totally see hardcore fans waiting outing the gate (entrance to the centre) under the scorching hot sun. *Respect*
The in-charge told us these people have been camping since last night. *Utmost respect*
Right, when we reached there, we waited AGAIN. Gosh how many times must we wait for something????
We waited for quite long before proceeding to the indoor centre. There, we were provided our crew t-shirt!

Yo we da crew (ushers) for Metallica! (I should sit straight)
I thought the crew shirt will include the words 'METALLICA' but it's the event company's name.
Oh well, at least this company allow us to keep the shirt at the end of the day. They also given us a tag.

Must show off mah... Hehehe.
Aishah & I took usher roles instead of tagging of wrist bands because we don't wanna take up the burden. the in-charge says it's very important not to make mistake or else we will be held liable for any loss.
So we just have to direct the fans to the correct lane (there's Pen A & Pen B).
Oh yah the concert is a rain or shine event so it's like a hugeass mosh pit!!! Listening to your favourite band play under the dark sky with beer on your hand.. Just once in a life time man.
We got like an hour before the gate opens, so Aishah & I took pictures of ourselves d:

Hey, we're in a heavy band area, what's our excuse not to \m/ ?

The gate was suppose to open at 3pm, but it got delayed. The taggers were tearing the wrist bands as fast as they could. I mean, during the 1 hour break they could have given us the tags and ask us to tear.
When the gate finally opens, I can use the phrase 'Hell let loose'. The hardcore fans were cheering & whistling before the gates open!!!
Before the noise starting, Aishah told me, 'it's like a calm before the storm.' You got that right, girl.
And then when the gate opened like 50cm high, the fans in front crawled underneath and dashed into the lanes.
It was hectic I tell ya.
They were all dashing towards us, like mad aunties snatching for that last bag on sale.
Because different lanes are for different ticket holders, I had a hard time asking them for their tickets. Basically, they don't see me as a human being, but a blockage to the lane. 
A group even made me back-paddle because as a weak, fragile young girl I could not handle the hardcore fans. They were sprinting to get the best front row after they pass the security check.
It was fun watching them!!
The horde of early zombies were cleared and we were glad it's over.
Fans starting coming in, it was much better. But I got really famished I couldn't operate properly. My legs were sore from long hours of standing and my bottle of water is empty. The in-charge said we each will get 4 bottles of water but WHERE THE HECK IS MY OTHER 3 YOU -- .
The lecturer offered to ask us if we want burgers and of course I SAID YES.
Deduct away from my pay for all I care. I want food. But the food arrived 1 hour & 45 minutes later.
After I ate the heavenly chicken burger from BK, I felt energized & performed better! I was actually more lively in handling the fans. My cogs & nuts were running wild & I enjoyed approaching the fans. It's like the burger is made of Soul-Sauce that fueled my spirit. Sorry Burger King I use to hate eating you (I still do).

Through observation, I can come up with the demographics of the audiences:
• 97% were middle-aged men. Probably because they grew up listening to Metallica & males are more inclined to heavy metal genre?
• 99% of them wore Metallica shirts. *deepest respect*
• 97% of them wore black. Slightly less than 97% of them wore full black.
• None of them wore pink.
• More than half of the fans were Caucasians, followed by Malay fans. Some Chinese fans.

I also saw some special hardcore fans:
• 1 Muslim female (around early 20s) came with clutches because she lose a leg. (She was wearing a tudung)
• A guy with only an arm.
• A guy with a neck brace
• A guy with walking deformity
• 2 men holding on to their country flag. 1 was Malaysia, he wrote some words I can't see from a distance; they other I don't know the country name.
• 1 guy got a banner saying 'Birthday Boy'. Looks like he wants a birthday wish from the legends.
• 2 friends have the most outstanding hairstyles. 1 was spiked mohawk and the other was like a porcupine.
• A group of fans wore wacky wigs.
• Muslim men praying (not sure if they are the crew of fans)

Either way, I respect all of them. *Thumbs up*
We were told that dinner will be given at 8pm, but nope we did not received the food. Only when we end the work we got our food.
We got a chance to see the concert, so we ran to the entrance. When I step out, I COULD FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE ALREADY.
It was f *cking huge crowd!!! Those Metalheads are there, raising their rock signs up in the air. There were drunkards too because there's beer & whiskey. But the experience was short-lived..
Overall my working experience was both good & bad. Good as in the guests I have to deal with. Most of them were very friendly and nice. Some have a sense of humour, which makes my job more enjoyable.
It's the planning & organising of the event company that needs LOADS OF IMPROVEMENT. Like time management, contingency plans, communication. Everything was delayed. I hate waiting while doing nothing; it makes me feels like I am wasting my time away. It was very last minute too, when they gave us the information about the event.
Nevertheless, I won't stop me from participating in future events!! My next event: SENTOSA HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE NIGHT 2013!! 
Watch this space because I'll be blogging it soon!
Goodbye! \m/

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