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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick Update #7

Hi guys!
I'm currently having my holidays now! (I have mentioned that, right?)
My holidays in September are pretty occupied, which I love it because I get to be distracted & be doing things and out with friends.
My October holidays are still clean though, maybe because it's still far so no plans have been made. But I'll be having my Halloween event so it's kinda rad.
Thank God the event is on Fridays & Saturdays (except for 25-27), so I don't have to fret over school the next day. So far I only attended 2 trainings.. Well, I told them my Wednesdays are booked because of CCA during the audition. So they should know right? ...
It's only the 2nd week of September & I've spent till my pocket's burnt from the shopping trip on Monday.
However, I still have more upcoming shopping sprees. STRESS AH STRESS.
When is my Metallica pay gonna come in??
I have CCA later in the afternoon. I actually look forward to attending this CCA, maybe because it's not very stressing?
I need money desperately.. But I have no time to work.. Any temporary jobs? 1 day job? Quick-cash jobs to intro? :D
Okays that's all for the update. Maybe I'll write about tomorrow. ^-^

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