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Thursday, September 19, 2013

1st date with Aishah

Good day everybody! I'm enjoying my holidays, are you? (That's if you are having holiday too d:)
For those who are having their national exams, good luck to you!!
I look forward to this day because I'm going out with Aishah!
Yippee! We booked this date since the beginning of September because she wanted a make-up shopping together. So the day is here!
She is slowly learning the essence of make-up. ^-^
She bought the Maybelline mascara she have been eyeing on, & I bought an eyeliner and 2 lipsticks!
These are my first lipstick. I used lip balm & lip gloss, but never lipstick. Because I thought lipstick is too adult-ish & I don't suit in them. But I love the colour!!
Shopping with her is very fun, we talked & converse really naturally & comfortably.
We wanted to watch 'The Bling Ring' but she's not yet 18.. She can get the tickets, but whether she'll be stopped at the counter.. Well that's a different story. So we didn't manage to watch it.
But it's okay! We took neo-prints hahahaha! When was the last time I took neo-prints...

There is a place for us to sit down & cut our neo-prints. There's a mirror too. So...

Please bear with us, we're girls.
We chilled at CBTL after that, chatting over Hazelnut Ice Blend & Red Velvet Cake.
It was really nice talking to her, because we have so much in common. Our conversation will jump from one topic to another. Then silence. Then talking. Then silence.

Look like chocolate cake
It was a short shopping trip but I enjoyed the day with her. :D
Here are the loots I got:

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner. I got the Navy Blue one. Credits
I love the colour! It's a dark blue with a sheer shimmer. LOVE!

Bourjois Rogue Edition No.11 - Fraise Remix Credits
I wanted to get No.11 & No.3, but No.3 is out of stock EVERYWHERE!!!
Sad that I couldn't find it..

Bourjois Shine Edition No.20 - Soleil Credits
This is more of an orangy-coral. Fanstastic smoothness & moisturizing.
To end off, here's the photos :)



Anonymous said...

Whr did u find the neoprint shop?

✍ Y. Xiaoyu said...

It's in *scape ;)