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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Is global warming (GW) the worst threat to humanity?

Good evening everyone. Does my title surprise you?
I always wanted to talk about this issue to netizens but did not do so because of my lack of knowledge.
The reason(s) why I want to talk about it now? Here's why:

It started during my General Education class (where I learn how to debate & gain knowledge about current affairs & stuff). My lecturer was teaching us about issues & how are we gonna tackle them effectively. She gave an example: "Is terrorism the greatest threat to humanity?"
Some say yes, some say no. I, disagree. My lecturer asked those who disagree to give their reason why is terrorism not the greatest threat. Some say natural disasters, some say diseases & illnesses. When she asked for my opinion, I replied, 'global warming.'
& You know what was the response from the class? THEY LAUGHED.
One classmate even gave me the 'wtf why are you giving stupid answer? Are you trying to be funny??'
I NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT. Somehow they think I am joking, so on the outside I just laughed it off but deep down, I was furious. What ignorant brats.
You people think that global warming is a minor matter that doesn't involve or concern you?
Well, sorry to burst your bubble dream or the illusion that Earth will support human beings forever but it is a serious crisis we are facing now.

Human beings are selfish. We are the most intelligent creature on earth. We think, invent, design, develop, etc. We constantly want to be better. During the process, we use whatever resources (water, food, paper, oil, fuel, etc) the nature provides. Don't believe? Suck it up.

I will give 3 reasons why global warming is the greatest threat to humanity. And through them I hope you agree with me.

1. Mother Earth's natural resources are depleting (rapidly).

"Natural Resources Being Depleted At Record Rates"

That includes water, oil (petroleum) and minerals.
I guess you all know only 1% of the Earth's water are drinkable. (Actually, less than that.)  Source: http://www.fcwa.org/story_of_water/html/earth.htm
But there are millions of people out there who are not conserving water because 'I got the money, I can pay the bills'.

One day we will suck dry Mother Nature's blood & we will left with nothing.
Electricity don't come free (duh), electricity comes from fossil fuels or oil that generates electricity.
Environmentalists have come up with ways to combat GW like using Solar Panels to trap heat from the sun and using wind energy.
But really, is it enough?
As I quote from http://lifeofearth.org/environment/natural-resource-depletion ,
Causes of Resource Depletion
  • Over-consumption/excessive or unnecessary use of resources
  • Non-equitable distribution of resources
  • Overpopulation
  • Slash and burn agricultural practices, currently occurring in many developing countries
  • Technological and industrial development
  • Erosion
  • Irrigation
  • Mining for oil and minerals
  • Aquifer depletion
  • Forestry
  • Pollution or contamination of resources "
"Depletion of finite resources such as oil, gas, useable water or minerals is likely to impact on world GDP well before the worst impacts of global warming. The two together are likely to constrain world food production seriously"
"Although global warming is probably the greatest problem humanity has ever faced the most immediate issue is the finite nature of fossil fuel that has supported the presently high standard of living"

You see my point? Mother Earth's resources are what keeps EVERYTHING going & living. Yet we are sucking it dry.

2. Ecosystem impacts.

Let me just show you a picture of what I meant:

The first picture is not a common lake or river in the world, it is actually THE NORTH POLE.
Yeah, the once icy continent has melted. Does it scares you how bad the current situation is?
The second picture is a comparison of North Pole in 2000, has been melting since least 2002.
"It's a dramatic reminder that climate change is real and that the Arctic is being radically transformed"
"it's bad news for the environment. Animals that rely on sea ice, such as the polar bear, are left with a shrinking habitat."
Which leads to more animals being endangered & on the verge of going extinct. You would think it does not affect us human when a few animals died out, but in fact, IT DOES.
It twists the whole food-chain. Say the food of the wolves died out, then they will have no food to eat. They will eventually die out.
As I quote from http://www.nbcnews.com/id/6502368/ns/us_news-environment/t/species-disappearing-alarming-rate-report-says/#.UgYTeZLfCup ,
"The world's biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate"
  • 15,589 species (7,266 animal species and 8,323 plant and lichen species) are now considered at risk of extinction — an increase of 3,330 species since the 2003 Red List. The increase is largely due to the fact that scientists have finally been able to assess all of the world's amphibians.
  • One in three amphibians and almost half of turtles and tortoises are known to be threatened with extinction, along with one in four mammals, one in five sharks and rays, and one in eight birds.
  • The numbers of threatened species are increasing across almost all major taxonomic groups."
Examples are the Black Rhino & Leatherback Turtle, who are critically endangered, will not be able to make it out if actions are not being done.
As if we are free of crime that causes the problem.

The photos are taken by Chris Jordan and it is actually dissected birds to see the insides of their body. Look.

Does it pain you?

Taken from http://www.cleanup-sa.co.za/marinedebris.htm , the Snapping Turtle accidentally wrap itself with a rubber band when it was a baby, and when its body grew, the rubber band prevents it from growing & hence, its distorted body.
Does it look like a fashion necklace on the seal's neck?
Extracted from http://www.globalissues.org/article/233/climate-change-and-global-warming-introduction#EcosystemImpacts , here are the few examples of what GW can cause:

  • Dramatic increase in greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Ozone loss aggravated by global warming;
  • Ozone loss likely to aggravate global warming;
  • Warming of the oceans leads to increased green house gasses;
  • Permafrost thawing will aggravate global warming;
  • Oceanic changes observed that may aggravate the situation;
  • A vicious circle whereby each problem will exacerbate other problems which will feedback into each other;
  • Massive extinction of species will aggravate the environmental crisis;
  • Sudden collapse of biological and ecological systems may occur, but will have a very slow recovery"

Every now and then news about sea-level rising will appear on TV, but how many of us actually cared?

3. Rapid changes in Global Temperature

At times when I check into Twitter, I will see several friends tweeting 'the weather must maintain', 'f*cking hot sia the weather', 'I'm melting already'; tweets regarding the scorching hot weather.
In the past Singapore is already a hot country, but it gets warmer & warmer each year. 
Global warming is the CAUSE of it.
"Small Average Global Temperature Change Can Have A Big Impact"
We might think that the temperature will stay or even drop as times goes but "Even just a 2°C increase can have impacts around the world to biodiversity, agriculture, the oceans etc"
But here are the facts. "In short, we would not be able to cope with a 4°C average increase."
I have posted a small segment about Global Warming in one of my blog entries, you can read it here .
I did not emphasize on that segment because I encourage everyone to go experience themselves in Gardens By The Bay.
The average emission of CO2 is rising every year. Due to factory gases, vehicles pollution, etc.
It just keeps on increasing. :)

When there's (massive) temperature change, there's bound to be "Extreme Weather Patterns".
It means there will be more "hurricanes & drought", "longer spells of dry heat or intense rain."
Why do you think back in 2012, between the month of late October to December it rains (heavily) almost everyday? If you can recall. It may be party because it is the monsoon season, but what has aggravated it?
There are MANY other MAJOR problems that can be turn into a crisis from the effects of global warming. I am just naming 3 out of all.
It is already happening right now. But are you doing your part to at least slower down the speed of GW? Or are you hastening the pace?
I am in not position to tell you what do to and what not to do, but I hope that everyone will do their part in helping Mother Earth. Such simple actions like switching off electricity when not in use or practicing the 3Rs, whatever. 
It may be a small action, but it brings big impact.

I would like to quote from the Dalai Lama : 

It's not too late to act! :)

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