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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Talk by The Flying Dutchman

Wassup guys!
It's so rare of me to blog at this late timing (I should be sleeping by now).
I feel that I won't take up a long time to pen down what activity that was held today after school.
See??? Every Wednesday, after school, I definitely have something on. I continued my group project (making a F1 grand prix model) with my group mates. Aftermath, we attend a talk by The Flying Dutchman.
Singaporean will know this household name - a radio deejay in Class 95FM.
I was wondering - why the hell would a deejay give a talk to my course? Is it even relevant? Will I be wasting my time attending the talk?
I found the answers to the last 2 questions after the talk: YES & NO

He, The Flying Dutchman, is actually an Event Manager.
A very successful (& rich) businessman.
He talked about writing materials and everything about being an Event Manger as well as being in the Events Industry.

His talk was extremely inspirational & motivational. 
Through the talk, I learnt that it was a blessing to be in this course.
Not talking about the salary that I can earn (it's not a low pay job mind you!), there are so many benefits to be in this industry.
It is constantly GROWING.
Of course, there are also the down-sides of this career. One of it is the relationship between me & my family and friend. Maybe boyfriend too. We won't have time with them, we work long hours, no 'weekends'.
But despite the Banes of the career, it is the Boon that made me wanna pursue this career.
Some of the great advantages includes travelling, limitless salary, no desk-bound, meet celebrities, etc.
It's perfect. Perfect for an out-going & cannot-sit-still person like me.
Did I mentioned before that I love to organise events?
But the responsibilities & work load of an Event Manger; as well as the amount of things you need to do to plan an event, IS HELLA HUGE.
Note that I didn't include the things needed to be done DURING THE EVENT & AFTER THE EVENT.

The Flying Dutchman is a humorous and an excellent speaker. He engages his audience very well. The way he present himself, so confident. He got my attention the whole time (except for a few times I checked my phone to see if I have any message but of course I don't #foreveralone).
His actions & body gags & humour is so f*cking funny I guarantee. He tickled raped my funny bone - 2 times I guffawed with hands clapping. You, sir, is my new respected & look up to person.

He is really, just... He inspired me.
I shall just mention some some of his quotes here:

"Pay your dues 
Sometimes mistakes can be good for you 
❝ Me: So the Event Manager carries such a heavy burden..
TFD: No. It is an enjoyable CHALLENGE 

For the last quote, he pointed at me (because I said that, with a little solemn tone) and assure me with an optimistic tone. When he did that I felt better! The Flying Dutchman is like a wise (old) man. Since the talk, he gained my respect. I'm loving my course. I'm determined to break into the events industry.
I am glad that I turned up for the talk.

The Flying Dutchman!

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