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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dairy Farm Family Day 2013 - Pirates of Lost Wonder

Heya guys!
This post is actually due last Sunday but because projects & tutorials are eating up my time I have no chance to start writing.
But using the limited time I have I'll jut write briefly what the title is talking about!
On 30th June, my class, along with 4 other classes, are involve in an event called Dairy Farm Family Day 2013.
Yup, it is an event for family members as well as companies that are owned by Dairy Farm.
Dairy Farm is not the farm that you'll see farmers milking the cows or what, it's a BIG company that owns 7-11, Cold Storage, Guardian and all.
What am I doing in the event then? Well, the teachers claim that we can learn how events are being run and grab experience that are related to our course.
Oh yeah? Well I have to wake up at 4 in the morning, find our way to the venue because transportation was not provided (there's a shuttle bus but we had a hard time finding it), we were provided only a packet of bee hoon, and we're not paid. o:
I was stationed as a carnival game stall coordinator.
So together with Maria, we just have to give tickets for guests after they played the game.
I regret choosing the game station we picked because it's like a ring-throw-into-cones kinda game and many times I have to pick the rings up from the floor.
Mind you the floor I'm referring to is not hard, cement ground but grainy sand floor.
It's a lot of hard work you know, bending and picking, bending and picking.

After the event has closed, all of us were instructed to help 'pack up' (which also means tear down or also means saikang job).
Oh well, I don't mind that much because I volunteer to just stacking chairs & disposing unwanted items.
Talking about throwing away props, there is something I was very, very furious & still unforgiving about it.
My heart was like breaking because the event was wasting fruits!!!! You're not only throwing away something that can be eaten (not rotten no expired no nothing) but also money!!!
Something I cannot handle is wasting food. Just think, the farmers grew the crops, fertilize, water, blah to produce some of the world's heavenly juicy fruits but you just toss it away wtf is wrong with you?!?
(Sorry, I grew up being educated by my mother about how food came about).
But, nothing can be done what. So I just stood there, watching the poor fruits - unable to speak & run - being emptied into the dark, dirty, smelly bin.
I wish I can help you, kiddos, I really do.

When I reached home I told my Dad about it, and he said many events are like this. Because the managers often have more than enough to accommodate the guests.
Why must such matter clash??!?!?!

At the end of the day we got a goody bag. Not a cheapskate one though, but it's bulky.
I love the Milo energy snack bar.
There are only a few photos I snapped, but it'll do, right?

The tentage for Cold Storage
The event has carnival rides! Teacup, Viking, Inflatable Balloon
I used to go to Uncle Ringo when I was in primary school!!!
This was my game stall. 
The game stall beside me. Seriously this is so much relaxing!!
So many people queuing already.
It was a f*cking exhausting day. I was drained that day that I took a nap when I reached home.
But I look forward for more events in future because I love attending events!!!
Good bye all!

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