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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick Update #6

Hey man. How's April from you? It's the last day of the 4th month today :)
School was half sucky & half enjoyable for me.
Because I'm in DEPM, there's bound to be a lot of projects.
Not to mention together WITH tutorials.
So currently my group have to build a F1 model, organise something like a prom night for my Year 3 seniors (this is real matter okay not mock event hor) which I have to do a proposal & group presentation, another presentation of the event for another module, design a poster for a fake client with my group.
Wow, so many group projects. And the deadline is reaching soon :(
I really want to hurry up and finish the projects on hand. My worry is the proposal & presentation.
Because all our discussion were not very productive, and you know, group work always have disagreement..
I think group work requires loads of compromising and understanding.
Luckily there is no stubborn classmate in my group d:
We get along quite well ah.

So today, I'm gonna play & play & play, and get down to serious business tomorrow. Since there's no school.
Pathetic, huh? Burdened by all these projects on hand.
Not sure if tomorrow's 5/1 dinner & movie still ongoing. I hope there is!
I'll have to complete at least 70% of my individual proposal by tomorrow.
The only thing that has been running in my mind these few days is: F*CKING HURRY AND BE DONE WITH.
I don't detest this course, I like this course actually.
For me, I prefer individual work to group work. Because can do own time own target right, some more no need to stay back to do work together. d:
Ah, but, like I said, I'm in DEPM. There will be projects, planning of event. You can't organise & plan an event all by yourself. You need friends. Need more brains.
Sometimes I wish I can just do Amaths all day long. Just 1 whole day of Amaths.
Or writing.
I've got more to say, but this post will get longer, and it won't be considered a quick update.
I'll go enjoy now! Later~

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