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Friday, April 26, 2013

Marvel's Iron Man 3

Oh my goodness.
Today is the first day Marvel's Iron Man 3 in cinema!!
And it sucks not to be able to catch it today :(
Well, I am not a hardcore Marvel comic reader but I'd say their superheroes are just so amazing.

If I were to choose my favourite character in , it would definitely be TONY STARK!
He is the main actor in the movie, of course.
He first captivate me from the movie . He has this charm that captures my attention.
So I've watched the trailer of , and after watching the video it made me like Tony Stark more. 
Why? Because he saves the world in a cool and classy manner.
My favourite quote from the trailer? "Just good ol' fashion revenge.'
He has a range of armors with special & specific uses.
And when the whole suits are engaged, I'm like, 'whoa, I have GOTTA WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!'
I'm already playing the fourth time of the movie trailer. I NEED to watch this MARVELous movie in big screen! (See what I did there?)
So I am gonna show you how epic this move is:

So what are you waiting for? Catch Marvel’s Iron Man 3 in cinemas April 26! You can also follow the Official Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Singapore Facebook Page and subscribe to Marvel Singapore YouTube Channel!

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