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Saturday, May 18, 2013

What games taught me in life.

Hey guys!
Pardon for the lack of updates because I'm cooped with group projects & my tests are drawing nearer.
What to do? I have so many people whom I know telling me that poly is 'slack', 'bomb anyhow still can pass', 'poly slack one' and out of all, most of them said this: 'POLY PLAY ONE LAH.'
Maybe my course is not really what they describe because as I advance I will be bombarded with mountains of projects and events to be planned.
But I like it actually.
I like planning big events (the reason why I chose this course because I imagined organising high-end events such as F1 Race & concerts, which we MIGHT plan F1 race), I learn Law & I enjoy General Education class.
But I don't like the fact that we have so many group tutorials & projects that almost everyday we have to stay back to complete it.
Most of the times for tutorials, we'll just split the questions so it's easier. I dislike this method because each of us only learn the questions we are asked & neglect the other questions in the tutorials.
On the other hand, the whole of us discuss each questions it is WAY TOO time consuming.

Okay, I get off-track very easily because when I talk about 1 thing, I link to many other topics.
That is why I am good at chatting with my gang ^-^ 

Well, I thought of this entry while I was sleeping.
Funny how my right brain always swell & ignite during the dark.
I thought for every long, hopefully I remember what I was thinking back then.

I wouldn't call myself a gamer. I just like to game, but I am not hardcore enough to be labelled as a 'gamer'.
I play many games console like PS2, PSP, DS, Gameboy Advance.
But the consoles are my brother's, except for PS2 - my brothers & I pooled in money to purchase the baby and the Gameboy Advance I always use my childhood's friend to play.
Now, it's just lay there collecting dust :(
Okay enough. What I am going to describe is ENTIRELY what I feel. I did not Google or whatsoever. :)

Here goes.

Diablo III

To be honest, my brother & younger brother are the ones who introduce gaming to me.
Especially my bro, he influenced my little brother & me hahaha.
My brother bought the game, so I tried out the demo. I like it!
It's a RPG, Action, Adventure and Hack & Slash game. I love it instantly.
I think it's mainly because it is RPG & it goes in Acts (Adventure).
I like killing monsters as compared to players because I like to see how scary & disgusting & creative the monster is. Especially when it comes to elites & bosses. Weew!
I also like it when there's a story line, it attracts me very much.

The moral of this game is that,

• You need money to upgrade yourself
• You gotta train yourself and put in effort for that money
• When you're 'dead', you gotta 'revive' yourself & kill that mother f*cker who brought you down

It's not always becoming the best, because there is always someone out there better than you.
And this applies to yourself too. You are better in something than the rest, even if the skill/knowledge/whatever you're good at, not many people has it.
If you don't like something about yourself, be it your attitude or appearance of habits, spent money to improve yourself.
Attitude might not need money to adjust but the main point here is: improve what you detest.

Pokemon and 


I bet many of you have played this at least once or watched the show or buy the book.
My brother is crazy about Pokemon & Digimon back in the years.
It's so much of our childhood. It's so nostalgic.
I know my brother bought the Pokemon books, where you have to find the Pokemons in the picture.
I wonder where is it now...
There is also this Digimon movie. It's so awesome that my brother probably watched it a hundredth time.

You must have guess what both of them taught us:

• True friends click almost immediately when you first met
• Good 'pokemon' & 'digimon' are hard to find
• Friends come and go, few stay with you
• Best friends are always there for you
• It's inevitable friends will part ways, memories will not

Have you found your true friends?
Best friends may not be a true friend, a true friend may not be a best friend.
'What logic is this?', you may ask. Just ponder for a while.
Scan your social circle to see if you have made some discoveries ^-^.


One of my favourite game of all time. I like it because it is a platform game.
I like using the arrows keys and space bar.
Mario also adds shooting the fireballs hahaha.

It's more than saving Princess Peach, because:

• When you get hurt, you either get nothing or something that benefits you, so you gotta try every opportunities you chance upon and give it a try
• You can be at your highest point in life, but because life's a bitch, you'll be kicked down from the top (refer to my bio) (Mushroom to flower, touch a mob & you shrink)
• You gain money as you progress as well as useful items/tricks/knowledge
• You might reached you goal after a long fight, but the target is still a long way to go. The only way is to PERSEVERE & have the DETERMINATION to achieve your ULTIMATE GOAL. This way, your efforts won't be washed down the drain if you quit halfway
• There will always SOMETHING or SOMEONE stopping you from reaching your final goal but you either AVOID them or KNOCK THEM DOWN

I find that Mario has many hidden messages about reality.
Don't give up on what you are doing. Unless you think it is pointless & does not benefit you.
Are you ready to succeed?


I think Maplestory is my first online game that needs to be downloaded (my 1st online game was Habbo Hotel LOL).
I got addicted. Yes. I use real money to buy fake money in order to make my character become attractive and stronger.
I spent hours in front of the screen to fight mobs and do Party Quests. It was enjoyable, I would want to go back to Maple but so many have changed and added.
Back when I started Maple there was only 2 worlds - Aquila & Bootes.
You can say I'm the second generation of the game? I dunno hahaha.

This big-headed, small-bodied game made me realise:

• Everyone in this world has their good points and therefore
• When the members of the 'party' work together, it can achieve great results (E.g. Cleric responsible to heal party members, Swordman to provide Iron Shield, etc)
• Quality items does not come cheap
• There are opportunities for all if you look closely. Some give you handsome rewards, some give you things you already have.

Group work/projects can really benefit everyone if you got the right person doing the right job.
Just like forming a band: you can't have all play guitars and none of them can sing or play the drums right?
2 brains are better than 1. :)

So, these are what I think about games. What do you think?
Gaming has always been a part of my life. It helps me to distress.
It gives me entertainment too. It makes me think. It makes me smarter. It makes me agile. It makes me practical.
Personally, I think games has more advantages than disadvantages to a person.
Of course, that's if you did not cross the obsession-line or an addict that does not go out of your room for days.

My favourite game genre, like, really LOVE it, is rhythmic.
Like DJ Max, DDR, Pump Pro, Audition, Rhythm Paradise, O2 Jam and more.
I am gonna boast but, I think I am really good at these kind of games.
I strive for perfection when playing these games, because I think these are my type xD
Maybe it's the easiest out of all that's why it's my favourite, or because I'm good at it.
Or probably because it's both :)
I want to be expose to more of rhythmic games. any intro?
Talking about this, I should go check out my Sims 3. Time to be god.

What do all games have in common? Every after fight, you gain experience & wisdom.

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