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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eve's (literally) sweet 18 & Nook: House of Pancakes

Hi guys! Yay something good for you guys.
Today is a very special day for my best friend!!
Well, not today actually, considered tomorrow but because there's school tomorrow, we've decided to celebrate her 18th birthday today!!
First off I met up with Jas & Serene and head over to Eve's house and surprise her.
Well, I think she already knew we're gonna go to her house because I told her to be ready by 12. xD
We sang happy birthday for her outside her house, then gift her the presents!
I gave her a handmade scrapbook of friendship + a pair of earrings :)
We chill in her room, literally chilling because the air-condition was on. (Bad joke)
It was a great catch up with the girls because I haven't been seeing Serene & Jas for quite some time!
We talked about school, a little bit of gossiping & more about ghosts.
Many stories from all of us, but for me I think the winner is Serene:

Her brother was playing the computer, which was placed next to the home door, like beside the door.
It was like around 3a.m. in the morning? Like you know, guy gamers always game like time doesn't exist.
Then there was a knock on the door. Her bro opened the door, but there's no one (nothing).
He ignored & continue gaming.
There was a knock again, still, same results. He ignored.
This time, the knock was on Serene's room door.
Her bro shut the com & darted to his room. His house phone rang.
But the call was from his friend ah, because he suddenly disconnect from the game.
Spooky huh? Serene's thesis was that when her bro opened the door, the 'good brother' entered the house & knocked on Serene's room door.
Whoa man, just whoa.
Anyway, this is not the main story.

We celebrated her birthday at Nook: House of Pancakes.

I had a hard time searching for this place!
It was located in a rather ulu place, down inside the alley.
I have succeeded finding this place on my own & I'll tell you how to go to this place in a bit!
Lucky I have made reservation for the place, the house was packed.
As soon as we enter the shop, we were greeted by smiles & warm welcome!
Their service was excellent.
The menu was cute, and the ambience was simple.

I was all psyched up for it!
It's the first ever D.I.Y pancake shop in Singapore!
I believe this F&B business will go far because of it's creativity involved & it's excellent service here.
When we were paying the bill I tipped the shop. I was satisfied by the experience :)
Because a set can filled 2 stomachs, we ordered 2 set of 2 batter.
So total 4 coloured batter: strawberry (pink), original (white), pandan (green) & dark chocolate (brown).
And each set is entitled to 3 toppings, so we got 6 whopping toppings! (Heh it rhymes LOL)
We shared cream cheese, oreo chunks, M&N's, peaches, strawberry & kit kat!
Four is a very nice number :) We get to share the batter & the toppings!
But before we even start cooking Serene already chomped down the irresistible kit kit & M&N's. That girl ah.

So enough with the words, let's get our hands on the sweets!

Yay us!
I did this. Kinda fail d:
My dear birthday girl filling in the gaps!
Many circles: Eve's. 4-in-1: Mine. Happy face and cookie: Jas'. Heart shape: Serene's
My crown got so many holes sia
Waiting for the batter to be cooked!
Eve's butterfly!
HAHA Serene's panda! Look like Grumpy Cat, but is Grumpy Panda here.
Eve's on an insect feel today
Can you tell what cartoon is this? :D Made by Serene!
So after a few rounds of many pancakes, Serene started to feel sick & nauseous because she consumed too much flour.
Soon after, it's Eve's turn.
We didn't manage to finish the batter though :(
Like wasted ah d:
When we decided to stopped munching, I asked the crew for the surprise ^-^
The day before I've brought birthday cupcakes to Nook so they could bring it out as a surprise :)
So... here it is!

We sang the birthday song, I think the others in the house sang together xP
This cupcakes were from Twelve Cupcakes.
I've never tried before though, I've read the reviews & many were positive! :D
Looks yummy too! d:

After we left the house we head to Clementi Mall for toilet.
Yeah, the girls needed the ladies urgently d:
So during the bus journey....

Sleep also same pattern one haiyoh.
So basically we just spent the whole evening in Clementi Mall, walking around until Eve & Serene gets hungry.
From what I see right, flour makes yours stomach expands easily as well as digest quickly.
So we ate our early dinner at Ajisen Ramen.
After dinner we went to Mac to chill, and ate the cupcakes!
Thanks Ong for sharing the cupcakes heheh xP

Her Salted Caramel couldn't be found on the website's menu because duh, it was a special that day when I bought it :)
It was delicious! My Cookies & Cream xD
Because we ate outside food in Mac, I bought Oreo Cheesecake from McCafe & shared it with the girls.
Now you see why it's literally Eve's sweet 18 eh? xD
We talked for long in Mac. It's our favourite past time together.
We went home afterwards because of school tomorrow. (School is always a spoiler, isn't it?)

I hope Eve have enjoyed her birthday celebration!! I certainly hope she love her prezzie from me to her :)
Happy (advance) birthday my darling!!! I love you very much. 
Words cannot express my friendship to you!! I believe you know that! 

 If you are planning to head down to Nook, this is how I went:
1. Take the train & stop at Clementi Station
2. Take the bus 173 from the bus interchange.
3. Be observant & lookout for the street sign 'Lor Kilat'.
4. I think it's after 5-6 stops from the terminal. 
5. Alight once you see the street sign, and walk straight on the path beside the bus stop.
6. Turn left into an alley.
7. Turn left again, you'll see 1 long stretch of shops.
8. Continue walking, you'll see Nook!

It's neat a pet grooming shop.
You're welcome in advance :)
Here is an accurate map drawn by me:

Can see? Hahaha!
I hope you'll find your way there & enjoy the same experience as I have!
Goodnight! :D


Dawn lim said...

Hello dear eve,This is from Nook house of pancakes! Thank you for the kind post on us.Will it possible for us to post your blog link on our fb page and also share the lovely map you have did for our shop to share with our fans on fb? Do let us know! Thanks!


✍ Y. Xiaoyu said...

@Dawn Lim
Hi Dawn! Pardon me for the extremely late reply to your comment on one of my blog post! (http://eyelahhview.blogspot.sg/2013/04/eves-literally-sweet-18-nook-house-of.html?showComment=1366656882299#c2402093266046169402) Sure, go ahead & use it, be sure to credit me! By the way, I'm Zenna, not Eve xD Cheers!