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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick update #5

Heyya guys. Waddup?
Don't you think the time is really moving like a bullet train?
Look: it's already late-March already.
Let's see..19 more days till my Poly orientation camp.
Still have to go to the school to configure my notebook.
Tsk, it better not downgrade my com!
Like I've said before, I'm dreading poly..
Aiyah, say so many times also no use.
I've been spending like running water this month, I just can't stop.
I earn, I spend, I earn more, I spend more.
Today I bought this:

Pretty slick, huh?
This speaker is only compatible on iPods.
So iPhone users, sucks to be you hahaha!
This baby is not a want nor a need, I saw it in Popular's catalog,
It also has a remote control, FM radio function.
The price was slashed like crazy like from $239 to $39.
Then I got tempted... so yeah.

Later I'll be meeting Ong. Can't wait to see her new look wooh!
Till then, bye ;)

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