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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh boy

Hey! I should have blog earlier.
I was too caught up with Sims 3.
I just can't do the proper installation of it & it's driving me crazy!
If it can't work I'll just buy it in a game shop. Tsk.

So anyway, I had my notebook configured together with Eve at SP.
The time took almost 2 hours, not that long.
I thank God that there isn't any errors or problem cropped up during the configuration.
Then we wanted to explore the school & see where our school building is located at, then something unfortunate happened.
As I was walking, I noticed my shoe has a different feeling, then I thought to myself, 'oh goodness please don't be what I think it is.'
It is.
The sole of my sandals tore & I was in the middle of the school.
Luckily the school was rather empty & there was only 2 ladies sitting on a bench, but I doubt they can see me.
It was so unlucky of me! #badluckxiaoyu.
So Eve suggested I just ripped of the sole so it's easier to walk.
The feeling, was so much thin.
It felt uncomfortable too...
Because of my 'crisis' we stopped exploring & headed to Queensway to buy my a pair of shoes.
Anyway we were going to Ikea for some room supplies.
Walking around Queenstown Shopping Centre, couldn't find any sandals so the pair of shoes I got was a pair of Billabong slippers.
And it cost me more than $20 T.T
Suay lah.
But it look nice & comfortable as well.
I've disposed the spoilt pair of sandals as soon as I found a rubbish bin.

We were both famished because she only ate ice-cream for the whole day & I ate 2 buns.
Got our meal at Yakun at Anchor Point.
My first time there. Probably will visit there often once school starts.
Once... School... Starts... Sigh.
Then we proceed to Ikea! It was a weekend so it was kinda crowded.
Especially the cafe.
I bought myself a personal bowl & a paper towel holder.
So many things there are so modern & slick. Made me wanna have a home quickly.
After going rounds & round, we got ourselves a seat in the cafe & ate.
You know, I can't believe I went to Ikea, ate at their cafe but not order their MEATBALLS.
Well, their minimum pieces of meatballs is 10 & I don't think I could finish them all by myself.
I couldn't share it with Eve either :(
So that pretty much sums out Saturday.

I hope I can play Sims 3 T.T
Please please please please please

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