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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A day in the countryside

Hey everyone! How's your day going? :D
Well, for me, it was superb!
Today I went to my father's kelong.
Erm, kelong is like a fish farm? It's a floating wooden platform where fishes are reared.
I've been there a few times, the last time I went was when I think I was in primary school?
Today when I went back, my father 'renovated', & shift some wooden sites to other place.
I was like, how do you transfer something that is living on water?
And as I am typing this, I felt like as if my desk & chair are floating on waves.
In a bit I'll tell you why I'm experiencing this. ;)

I have to wake up early because my uncle was sending me to the kelong.
After visiting some small fish farms on the land, buying food, etc, we finally reached the end of the land!

That's my 3rd uncle over there.
My father's employee
I am looking forward for this trip.
I told my father about this plan, & he agreed without asking questions. To me, well, I was surprised.
Because I want to take a breather.
Before poly life starts, I wanna empty my mind, becoming blank, & breathe some fresh air.
To relax.
Although my bro had brought friends over before, & I also wanted to bring my gang over.. But then I consider again, maybe not a good idea because they might not get used to it.
Again, I'll describe in a while ;)

Ahhh, we have to swim all the way from the wooden path to the kelong you know.
Naaaaaaaah. Just kidding. There's a motor boat lah.
I love to ride that car! My uncle likes to drive fast, both lorry & boat.
So the waves are very beautiful. Wanted to snap a picture but afraid that my phone might *bloop* in the sea.
The best part is the strong wind blowing to your face & you're hair will be flowing gracefully.
LOL except for the gracefully part: my hair was tied back into a ponytail & my fringe clipped up.
But I wore a rather loose shirt (class-t), so it felt really good & relaxing.
Upon arriving, the dogs began to bark happily.
The dogs were like, a second batch of dogs.
Or so I know since I last visited the place.
The first batch... died..
Even my dog.. Sigh.. Okay I shouldn't have bring up this thing.
I missed the big black dog T.T
Now, all small dogs. Five of 'em.
1 black, lotsa fur dog. Its name is called 'Lady Ohr'
Ohr is black in Hokkien. xD
But, I think I saw a dick from Lady Ohr. Hmmm...

Meet Lady Ohr!
The first 2 photos are before the hair trim, the last one is its makeover! Hahahaha.
My father couldn't stand its long emo-punk fringe so he handed me a scissors and asked me to trim so the dog can see.
Pretty neat huh?
His obedient. I find that he hinted me that he wants love & care..
Whenever I sat down, he'll come over to my side & lean over the chair, so I'll pet him & sayang him.
:'( heart pain lah.

Then there's Scruffie. I named it haha xD

Scruffie! Hahah he likes to rest under chairs.
Then I'll pet him from there.
He's always seen sleeping.

Okay, I think it's enough about them dogs.
Let's see... I scan around the place to see if anything has changed.
Of course it has changed, it's been years.
There's no more roosters.. It of course passed away.
The baby monkey also passed away.
Let's see some kicking alive animals, shall we?

Pretty, luminous guppies!

Fighting fishes!
I had a fighting fish as my very first pet! It's from my father hahaha
There's actually more fighting fishes but.. lazy to take all ah.

That's Polly.
Funny when I visited the place, it used to be 2 parrots.
Now, it's only left 1. I asked my father about it & he said what I expected: dead.
Polly's less aggressive now.. Probably because its partner left...

I didn't see this during my last visit o:
Actually there's like 6,7 more birds, but as I approached them, they kept gawking & flapping their wings & flying frantically.
Wahlao I just wanna take a photo of you lah...

These 2 crows.
Not sure who caught them, but my father said it's like, a warning to other crows.
That they have managed to prison these criminals, & warn them that they are not to be messed with.
I think crows occasionally/frequently come & feed on the food or whatever.
Pretty bad ass, don't you think?

Another bird species:

A baby owl!
Every time I get near, it will just show off its wings like the photos above.
I thought it felt threatened of my presence, because I dunno, maybe my aura is a strong, merciless type?
But my father said otherwise: 'It wants to show that he's the boss, he's the strongest & not to be played with.'

Next contestant I'm gonna show you is something spectacular.
Something amazing & not-so-exotic ah.
But you'll never guessed it can be found in kelong.
Ya ready?

It's brother alligator (of is it crocodile) yo!!!
Super cool!
But it's just idling there. So it was pretty boring. :(
I thought it would get violent & try to snap my head off but it didn't.

After a while, I went for fishing!
Totally psyched up for it!
My 3rd uncle helped me with the bait the 1st time, the subsequent times I did it myself.
I used mussels as baits.

The professional rod
Many unsuccessful catch.
Cunning & smart fishes.
But, heh heh heh, after some patience & a little bit of vengeance, I caught 1!

When I was fighting in terms of strength with this bitch, I felt a strong surge of adrenaline!!
I was reeling in hard, but not very hard.
A feeling of victory overwhelms me. Muahahahha!!
But when my uncle saw it, he let it go cos it bit his finger so.
Oh my goodness did I just sang a part of a lullaby?
No lah it's because it was useless & part of the fins are poisonous.
I caught two of it!! First 2!!
Then both of them were set free. YOU FREELOADER JACKASSES.

But the 3rd one was different.

*Beaming with pride*
Bet you're are all jealous.
This one, my uncle said can be eaten.
So by the looks.. & according to my shallow knowledge of fishes.. I'm guessing it's a pomfret.
Okay a pomfret doesn't have spots but, :closeenough:.
This one has a stronger strength than the useless one.
I love the thrill!!
The 4th one was the same.
So throughout the day I only caught 4 because dunno why after my 4th one, none of the fishes are interested in my bait.
I was expecting some gigantic monster fish.

Back in the shelter, I began to go for thorough 'check'.
Then, I came across this & I almost gagged.
I was a bit skeptical to stepped forward, because I was unsure where it's alive or dead.
Turns out it's looking alive but actually dead.

Dad said it's a king cobra.
It was spiraling up the wooden poles when someone spotted it.
I thought it was just air inside, or at least looked like oil inside to me, but it's actually wine.
I saw it in China, similar.
Snake wine.
But in China the container was longer & narrower.
What man....
Gross. Cool. Fascinating.

Decided to play the slingshot.
Dad passed me this, it was different.
I expected the metal one but, this did fine.

I just wished there's birds flying pass so I can use them as a practice for my accuracy & dexterity.
Maybe I am the female Usopp, talent waiting to be unleash.

Got bored, took a yellow long ruler-like thing, & started stroking Scruffie.
Then, I hummed Beethoven's Virus while I practice on my cello. My dog-cello.
I giggled to myself while I strummed because Scruffie doesn't seemed to care.

It was scorching hot in the noon.
Then in the late afternoon, it began to pour. Heavily.
But I've witness something odd yet creepy.
I was dazing in the sea, with my father, when lightning starts to strike & thunders start to clap.
Then from a distance, far distance, the sea starts to have tiny but infinite ripples.
Like you know how a puddle of water looks like went rain drizzles on it?
Yeah, picture that.
Then, that tiny but infinite ripples, comes close to you.
At a, hmm, reasonable speed. Towards you.
Not only that, the volume of the rain is ascending.
Because the shelter is made of aluminium plates, the sound of the rain hitting it was loud.
Then it was like a storm. The strong wind blew the rain to my face it was nice yet disgusting at the same time.
The wind was pleasurable.

As we went on the motor boat, heading towards home, I figured out the shape of this cloud & pointed that out to my father.
What do you think it looks like?

Right hand side.

All in all, I am really proud my father works in this line.
Although it is not easy to do... I mean, who would do this kind of job?
Okay, speaking of which, like I mentioned, the kelong is mainly made from wooden planks.
So when a strong waves comes, the whole thing shakes.
Shakes along with the wave. 
So it goes up, then down, up, down.
It creaks a lot too.
It felt so thrilling and dangerous at the same time!!
Because it's been ages since I've been there, I am feeling the 'wave' now.
So dizzy...
Just like when I went swimming for the very first time, I felt like I'm floating on the water at night when I was about to sleep.
Is it just me, or do anyone experience this too?

Another thing, that place is filled with dogs & other noisy animals.. They're cute, but dirty.
Poops. Poops everywhere. Dried ones, fresh ones. You gotta look where you go.
The planks are some stable, some not. So it's pretty challenging (not for me hehehe)
It's like a circus stunt. They are narrow planks too.
Ah, mosquitoes. HATE THEM!!
Go there is equal to buffet for them.
But oh well... It's the countryside. :)
I love the trip. My mind was in peace... Aaah~~~

Hmm maybe I shall go there again during my poly holidays. xD
Okay, it's late now. Time check: 11.49pm.
Whoa, gotta turn in now. Goodnight people~ :)

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