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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sports Carnival 2013 as Alumni

Heya guys!
I'm back, from uh...arcade.
Hahahha, arcade. What a word.
Anyway, today's post is not entirely about arcade but as you can guess from the title, it's Riverside annual Sports carnival today, so I went back with Ong, together with Gaayathri & Durka.
Well, it's a sports event & you know, it's appropriate to dress all sporty & all, & my attire was very... dull.
Hahahha but well... nobody is looking anyway.

Got my lunch & ate in the school canteen. The canteen was filled with juniors resting & chatting among themselves.
So disappointed man, IT'S FREAKING SPORTS CARNIVAL!!!
Well, maybe I'm wrong, maybe their core games & mass games are already over and that they're just getting their rest in the canteen.
Teachers v.s. alumni were starting just as I finished my Oyaku Don.
The matches were very intense though, cheering for whichever team that score. Hahaha!
And I died a little inside when I saw him. Meh.

The weather decided to be a little nice & rained around late afternoon.
So the games were halted halfway & all were proceeded to the hall.
Aaahh..... The air-conditioning..
Oh yah, Ong's sharp eyes & observant character let us notice that the principle or was it the DM decided to troll us, that there are MORE COLOURS FOR THE CLASS T-SHIRTS.
There's red, blue, green & orange.
Wah not fair leh... In 2011 & 2012 the in-charge only allowed lower sec to have red colour & upper sec to be orange.
Now???? Seriously!!
BUT! BUT! I am very fortunate to be born in 1995.
Because the juniors are so not enthusiastic or 'high'!!!
No feel, no atmosphere, not active.
*Shakes head*
Even the tradition of cheering the school's cheer sounds like bulls plowing the field with great pain.
Sheesh. It was more boring than I expected.

After the school were dismissed, my dearest 1/4'2011 baby girls gather around me & gave me a tight group hug. It was very loving I feel. :')They're already in sec 3, but I think not all of them are in the same class..
One by one they came to me & we hugged really hard.
Then one asked me to carry her, she is always asking me to carry her! Heheheheh!
Then another she jumped behind me & wanted me to piggyback her, but it was so sudden I wasn't prepared for it :( Sorry Anisah!
We had group photos, very quirky ones xP
I was moved, you know. I mean, I was their OGLs & since then I sometimes visited their class before lessons start.
Then the bond grew! Till now, we're as close as ever!
I am really delighted to have them as my OC class back in 2011..
Girls, if you're reading this, I just want you all to know that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY GIRLS NO ONE CAN REPLACED YOU I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥

A few of my classmates came back too, took a group photo together :)
Ong & I took picture with Shanjif!!!
He really changed a lot! Physically!
Look more attractive now! :D
Not that I'm hooking you up bro, if you're reading this ;)
As the school got dismissed, the bunch of us headed to CWP for dinner.

As we walked out the school, we saw traces of pears on the route.
I assume the pears are the prizes for the class who have won an award.
I have to rant on this. I am feeling very furious about the juniors.
Firstly, the fruits are a form of prize, you won because of your effort. EAT IT.
Secondly, the fruits didn't dropped down from the sky, it uses the school's fund to get it. EAT IT.
Thirdly, even if you don't want it, keep it & give it to your family members. Don't put them on the street like a f*cking mystery game for passersby to solve. EAT IT.
Lastly, whoever did placing the pears in different place is/are AN UNGRATEFUL PIECE/BUNCH OF CHILDISH KID(S).
You don't deserve to win AT ALL. You are taking the fruit for granted. 
As I am typing this, I am getting hotter & hotter inside.
I certainly hope any Riverside personnel reads this. They need to know.

I hope next year they won't give you pears or anything, just rocks & coal.
You little brats have not suffer before. Of course, when you were born you are already living in a developed country with all the technology & everything made in comfort for you.
So you have no knowledge about being appreciative & not taking things for granted.
I am very pissed off, I cannot take this kind of matters even though it might not concerned me.
Shame on you, whoever did it.

Anyway, I shall not side track so far, my classmates & I ate at Pizza Hut.
Ate joyfully, a great dinner.
Then Jingxuan suggested going to arcade. And yup, we headed there.
I didn't know there was arcade at the top floor, it's more for teenagers & adults.
We practically spend the rest of the day playing there. Shooting games, ball games, car games, basketball, etc.
It was really fun! I like House of Dead & 1 more machine that I don't know the name.
It's like air hockey but with many of the pucks.
In a nutshell, the day was a fun day. A great day.
Because, well, as they all say: THE MOST FUN PLANS ARE IMPROMPTU PLANS.

Wonder when is out next outing ;)

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