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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do dreams have meaning(s) behind them?

Hey guys, what have y'all been up to?
I have no work today, it's free day for me!
So I'm gonna take this day to blog about something that has always been in my head for years.

Everybody dreams. Animals dreams. Well, for dogs I know for sure, they do dream.
1 thing about me: I LOVE TO SLEEP.
Why? Because when I sleep, I dream.
Have you ever heard of Lucid Dreaming?
It's like, you are aware that you are dreaming.
Okay, as extracted from wikipedia :

lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932). In a lucid dream, the dreamer can exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid

I like to control my dreams.
Sometimes I have the wildest or naughtiest or wackiest or horniest or funniest or stupidest or whatever descriptive words you can imagine.

If you have watched Inception , you'll probably know how it looks like.

One example of my weirdest dreams is that, I was rowing a boat with a cute guy I saw the day before in a shopping centre. On a river. Then, both of us rowed to the entrance of that particular shopping centre.
And this is not the weirdest yet.

Fascinating, huh?

I love to control my dreams. An embarrassing fact: I like to dream about me fighting with super powers.
And some personal fetish I cannot reveal.
It's like, it is YOUR dream, you can manipulate however you like.
You can make that slutty bitch trip over the curb & get ran over by a truck just by standing afar, or pull that hot dude to you like some magnetic force & make his clothes vanish & reveal his solid bread-packs.


Cool or what?

So I have millions of dreams over the years (because some days I slept twice), and some dreams made me woke up in sweat, got me inked in my head.
So I'm gonna share with you some of my dreams.

Dream #1:
This was a very recent one, on Sunday night.
I was in a crowded shopping mall. 
Many shoppers were doing their own things, window shopping, whatever.
Sounds normal right? Wrong. One thing for sure: DREAMS, ARE NEVER, EVER NORMAL.
The thing is that, everyone in that scene has something in their heels. 
Instead of shoes, they have like a wheel inserted in their heel. (Ooh it rhymes haha)
So they're like rolling on their feet, moving very fast. 
Like you know heelies? Yeah, only they're not walking, they're moving on wheels. 
Then there's me. I'm the only one without heels inserted on my heel.
And every time I take a step, I crumble.
I stood up, walk, crumble. Repeat.
My legs were like jellies; they have no bones.
I felt lost, why am I lagging behind when everyone's constantly moving?
I saw someone I know. He knows me too. We made eye contact.
He had wheels. 
I stretched my arm out, indicating him to help me, because I am immobilised.
But he ignored me. He looked at me in the eye, then wheeled away.
He's out of my sight.
So I'm left there, abandoned. I gave up on moving.

My moral of the dream: It's life. The working pace of life is fast. In Chinese: 生活节奏快。
We are constantly moving, upgrading, improving, building.
Like technology, self, economy, finance, blah.
We have to keep up with the pace in order not to get eliminated.
If we fall behind, we die.
I find this true in terms of studying. Especially in the subject Mathematics.
In my dream, everyone is one step higher than me. But, no one steps out to lend a hand for me.
Not even someone I know.
So, I think that in life no one is willing to help you if you're falling behind because, they have to be in your same lever in order to save you.
And they do not want to do that because, heck, they're already up high, upgraded.
So who to complain? Who to blame? Yourself.

Dream #2:
This was um, before I got my Chinese 'O' Level result.
It was in my house. My Mother Tongue classmates & teacher were in my living room.
Soo Lao Shi, my MT teacher were handling out the result slips for our MT 'O' level.
She told me that I got a distinction, but did not say it's an A2 or A1.

I was surprised & happy by the dream.
Some days later, as the day of the result release were nearing, I told my pals about this dream.
When the result came out, my dream did not tally with reality. Damn it.

My moral of the dream: If you say out your dream, it won't happen.

Dream #3:
This one was long ago, when I was still a kid.
Powerful memory eh? Yet I still can't remember the 5 steps of Extraction of Metals.
I was on a bridge. Kinda like you know opposite Admiralty MRT station bridge? Where there's stalls selling all kinds of things on the bridge?
Yeah, something like that, except it was wider & there's no stalls.
I was a small girl, standing in the middle of the stone bridge.
Looking around, feeling lost, tears welling.
Commuters were flashing pasts me. Like you know walking very fast that their figure seem blur?
I keep turning my head, finding for someone. My mother.
I cannot seemed to find her, guess I'm lost from her. I began to wail. To burst out crying.
But it seemed to the commuters that my voice were silent. They just kept moving.
The fear of losing the mother as a child. 
At the end of the dream, I still can't find my mother.

My moral of the dream: What shocked me was that, I went to a supermarket with my mother.
I went to the sweet sections, I did told my mum about that. But when I went back to find her, I couldn't.
Panicking, my face turned red & I sped-walked to find my mother.
Upon seeing her face, I rushed to her & hit my face on her stomach & the tears bottling up all came out & wet my mother's shirt.
I cannot remember whether the dream happened first or the reality.
Either way, dreams DO COME TRUE.

Okay, that's it for this post about dreams.
Sometimes when I dream about a scenario in my house or my Ahpo's house, I will wake up & carefully trace the scenes in the dreams to see if I can find anything that happened in the dream.
Eg: in a dream I found a dog in my Ahpo's drawer.
Of course, it was wishful thinking hahaha.

What about you? Do you believe that your dreams can come true?
Well, for me, 1 dream did.
If a dream came true, a second one is bound to be real too.
I just hope it's the scene of G-
Oops, I cannot say out. d:
Looking forward to tonight's dream.
I wonder if I'll fight some bitch over a smoking hot angmoh dude.

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