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Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcoming 2013

Hey guys.
A very belated Happy New Year shout out to you:

Well, starting of the new year isn't very much of a happiness to me.
My countdown for this year was not the same as the previous years - due to missing people.
My gang & I didn't went to the park and play because it was raining, darn the rain.
But as usual, we had our which is McDonald's Double Chocolate, but only the girls & I drank it, so it's again, not the same.
My first meal was also from Mac's, because I was starving when I reached home and I can't sleep with a growling stomach.
So overall, this year's countdown is not very memorable; we don't even have a group picture. Heck, how to have a group because if not everyone was there?

Yesterday night I came home from my class chalet.
It was in Changi, but the chalet was very far from Changi Village.
After we settle down inside, we played Xbox Kinect & watch some movies.
Damn, the movies we watched are from Rahim's hard disk, and ALL the movies we watched have crude humour or nudity scenes.
It was kinda awkward and a little offensive to me..
I like & !
The activities we did were either playing xbox, watching movies, or playing decks: Blackjack, Daiti, Stress, Uno, Bluff..
It was very fun! Especially playing with Alfian & Syafiq! xD
We played Uno's Stacko too! It's like Jenga but Uno style.
The highest tower we built was 26 layers!! Beat that! xD

Of all the happenings during chalet, the highlight of the chalet was:


Well, it first started with banging on the toilet door.
At first most of us thought that the guys were playing so we didn't bother much.
I think many people were walking past the toilet as Fian was banging on the door.
Then it started to get annoying.
So I went to the toilet and said, 'Who's there?'
'Ah.. Alfiian. I am stuck in the toilet!'
Then I was chuckling in front of them, then I was shocked and asked the rest for help.
Everybody crowd outside the toilet.
Ryan & Rahim tried to break open the door by kicking or by using the fire fighters method, meanwhile Wafir got his camcorder rolling.

It was a f*cking hilarious situation, with all the funny comments coming out from the jokers.
In the end Darlene called for help & the repairman came, but it was no help.
He did manged to remove the door knob, but left afterwards to get his colleague to help.
While he was gone, Ryan managed to open the door & we can finally see Alfian!!!
Ryan was like cheering loudly for himself because 'he's the man' or so he claimed.
It was a shock-worried-laughing situation; we could see Alfian from the kitchen window as he popped his head out of the toilet window.
Ahh... at least something major AND funny happened. :'D

I went home after BBQ night, together with Eve.
But I cabbed home with Zul because he's my neighbour! Same block!
So it was extremely convenient & we're lucky to hail a cab seconds after we left the chalet.
The ride took us 30 minutes! It was fast!
I wouldn't wanna take the long bus ride home - I f*cking dread the drive-stop-drive-stop or even worse: packed bus.
Thank God I shared a taxi with Zul :)

I'll be getting my results something next week, I am very anxious!
Will update soon!

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