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Saturday, January 19, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium + Lunch

Hi guys!
I am so, so, SO SORRY for not blogging for 2 weeks!
Each month I'm blogging lesser and lesser, so bad that my typing skills has dropped.
Keep on back-spacing and typing wrongly.
But that's because I am working.. Today is a day off, on Thursday was my off-day too.
So on Thursday my darling girls & I went to the !
It was my first time there. :D
As quoted from the website , ❝ Step into S.E.A. Aquarium™ and immerse yourself in a magical marine world seen through our planet’s largest window to the ocean. With more than 800 species of marine animals
We were actually going there as a gang but many of them were not free, so might as well use it as us girls outing!
It's been so long since we went out together!
The S.E.A Aquarium is located in RWS, so the journey there was very long, however long trips are the best because we laughed a lot in the train. Mainly because of Eve, who she always make fun of our (mostly me) pronunciation.

Before we met up together Eve & I ate lunch, then Jas met us.
[Sorry for not editing the photos because there are just way too many for me to edit :T]

LOL at the auntie behind
After almost an hour journey, we finally reached our destination! Yay!
Of course, must act like tourist, taking pictures here & there.

Love every photo of us in it

Got our tickets! Ah-go-go-go!
Can't see the structure behind..
Once we enter the place, it has a history feeling, like China history.
Don't ask me why either.
I was so psyched about the place that I was really touring around, snapping pictures.
Lemme bring you deeper about what I'm talking about:

Serene and Eve posing
I was trying to imitate but..

There's actually a LCD there..

See what I mean?
Okay, maybe not EXACTLY China history, but the last photo, which is the one above, is a pre-show of what was happening next.
And guess what? It's a 4D experience.
When we enter the place, damn it was like a refrigerator.
The 4D experience was very real (obviously), there's even light showers coming down.
The 'boat' really went down as if we're sinking.
Ahh, you need to go to understand what I'm talking about ;)

After touring around, my camera battery died on me.
Lousy battery. So in the end I have to use my phone's camera..
As we scroll around, Eve found something as if it's a jackpot & called us over to her.
Thought it was something cool or awesome, end up it's a colouring station.
Still, it was cool, but not yet awesome.
Luckily there was no one, we sat down, chose our paper dolls & started colouring like we did in pre-school.

My end product! 
From left: Eve, Mine, Serene, Jasmine
Jas and I! No edits!
All the paper dolls are the same, they should add in more variety. So boring!
And, the crayons are in HORRIBLE QUALITY.
They earn so much since it's a tourist attraction venue, yet they invest so little in these, I must say the management are so niao.

Okay, so here's the part where we really entered the aquarium.
I advise all of you, if you're planning to visit the aquarium, bring a jacket or a cardigan at least.
You won't regret.
So from now on, will be pictures of fishes, fishes, and more fishes. More marine life creatures.
Photos are not as enchanting as in real, but, I still have to show you guys ;')


More sharks!

That's Abigail, Susan and Leon
Of course, must have our photo!

bloop bloop


These aquatic animals that are on the bed are actually beneath us!
So we're walking on glass floors, and I was afraid that what if it breaks then we all fall into the water & the animals come & sting us or whatever.

I should have taken photo of their names.. :(
Those stick-life figures are one of the creatures that left me in awed.

Cute right all these seahorses???
They curled their tails on the foliage, and seeing them sway in the water is just too adorable!
Can't remember was it Eve, Serene of Jas who spotted the pregnant seahorse!
See the bloated belly? At one point of time I was thinking of use a pin and poke the belly so many puny worm-like creatures wriggle out, and left the mother dead.

Moving on.

Patrick Star's cousin??


Yum they look delicious... NO XIAOYU, NO

You can touch that starfish! It felt.. like many bumps that's all.

Sea cucumbers! Ooo I like the pink one.

Please don't ask.

The following photo is kinda gerly, like I feel like using my nails & scrap them off.

Sea snakes. And shrimps, but that's not the highlight (sorry buddies).
They were half-buried in the sand, staying motionless and letting the water move them.
So they were like rocking gracefully(?)
Maybe a mixture of these too

Can I have these in my room please?

Spider Crabs! They are hella HUGE!
Can they be eaten?

What 'chu lookin' at??

Hahaha so cute and so funny!

I don't think these jellyfishes are really luminous, I think there are just white in colour, but there's UV-light shining on them so they appear to glow.
Ooo I like the dark coloured one. Can I have at least one of them? Please?

Ah this, I know. They're called Upside-down Jellyfish.
Pretty sick huh?

Okay for these, I can't explain :x

Love this picture a lot,, so graceful
I enjoy appreciating this kind of jellyfish!


The school bus in Finding Nemo!


Poor guy being left out

Why hello there
Checking this guy out

How I wish this can be in my living room! It's like a gigantic portrait!
We meet again! 

So that's where guitar strings come from.

Cute, pouty lips fishes
What is this again?

When these species of fishes are dead, I will buy them, dry them, and make them into fashion accessories.

Simply colourful & vibrant.
Which one of you is Dory?!

Sea Urchins!
In this picture, you can tell which one is a professional photographer, which one is a typical teenager.
By the way, the photographer was using some kind of equipment that is long & weird-looking.
He caught my attention, but I left him alone, doesn't wanna disturb him.

These eels look gerly to me too.. They're thick!
They stay motionless too, with their mouth opening & closing.
And they popped out from holes.

After the tour, we walked around RWS, went inside Candylicious and I bought a gigantic Pepero!
I thought they were long sticks but it was actually 8 small boxes inside :(
Tio scam T.T

We ate at Din Tai Fung!
A Chinese restaurant, famous for its Xiao Long Bao!
The service was excellent! In addition, the Xiao Long Baos were served by the chef who prepared it!
Mmm the Xiao Long Baos are a must-eat!

All no edits! :D

I wanna visit there again with my family! Please fulfill my wish! :D
Sorry for the excess photos of fishes, I promise I won't post them in a while d:
S.E.A Aquarium is a worth-visit trip!
Left me in awed & gave me a fascinating experience.
Till then, next time!

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