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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Legal age

Hello guys!
Whoa, I know I haven't been updating my blog..
My computer seemed to be sick, I can't log into my user & it will get stuck or have wallpaper.
I will try to send it for repair soon, I hope it doesn't cost much!
Sigh.. I'm reaching 18 years old this year, a legal age.
Well, that doesn't mean I will smoke or have tattoo.
Smoking harms my body & makes one look dull & shag.
Like, you look 5 years older than your real age.
Then, you'll have all sorts of health problems ah, pains here & there.
Some more it's so expensive just to buy 1 pack of ciggs.

I'm talking about being mature & preparing to enter to the society.
I don't wanna grow up; I have to earn my own money to spend on my own expenses.
Well, there are boom & bane for it, I mean, I don't have to stick out my hand & ask money from my parents.
And when you use your (hard) earned money to buy your wants, for example bags, wallets, etc, you feel more shiok & willing to spend more.
Rather then spending your parents' money right?

I'm getting my own laptop soon (I hope), somewhere in March (again, I hope), during the IT Show.
Oh yah, in case you're curious, I got posted to Singapore Poly's INTEGRATED EVENTS & PROJECT MANAGEMENT.
It's my first choice! :D
Well, I thought I will get into NP's ARTS BUSINESS MANAGEMENT but oh well, it's around the same. (I think).
I'm going to the same school as my best friend but of different course.
Of course lah, different interest..

I will try to blog more often once I get my own laptop.
Right now I'm blogging from my bro's laptop.
Ahh... please let my desktop be fixed. Can use it as a spare com & also my younger bro can use.

Sigh.. nowadays my colours are fading away..
And I think the main reason is because I am not schooling for so long; I didn't get to see my classmates & my friends.
Hardly have any gang outings.
Work have taken so many things away from me: my own self-tine, spending time with my family, spending time with my best friend and my gang.
I have yet to catch up with my sister. I wonder how is she.
To be honest, whenever I see photos of her & her close friends, my green monster start to glow.
And when she post those happy status about her & her close friends, I wondered, have she forgotten about me?
Then I thought, no, she wouldn't forgot about this little sister of hers.

Ahhh... God...

I am a Cancer, I value friendship like rare gem.
I have 3 very good friends, very close, but I think one is not considered anymore..
She, well, changed lah.
Hah, I don't even think she had place me as her very close friend..
One does not need many friends, but just 1 or 2 true friends will do.
And, by golly, I thank God I have found mine :)

I get too attached to my classmates & best friends, I'm afraid to make new friends in poly.
Judgmental people are everywhere..

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