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Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's the end. Freedom.

OMGOSH, my 1000kg of burden has been lifted by the arms of the angels.
Now, is freedom!!!! Well, for a period of time.
And this period of time, I have so many things & activities to do!
One by one, the items in my 'to-do-list' will be strike off!
Of course, I have to find a good-pay part-time job first.
Honestly speaking, I rather work than go out & play. Because you need money to play, right?
Hopefully I can find one that is not so far! Hehehehe.
Now that I have no stress, I will post more often in my blog! :D
Hmm, after today until Prom Night, I will be very busy, maybe no time to even blog :(
But I'll try to on the com and post okay ^-^
My Running Man & Family Outing is calling for me. Bye! xD

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