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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wave 3/4 & Wedding Bells

Okay, so it's finally the weekend. And from now till the end of 'O' levels, I am not looking forward to the weekends.
Why? Because I have to use the free time to study and revise for the national exam.
Talking about exams, I have conquered Prelims 2! :D

I'm reaching the last stage, I'm going to face an enemy stronger than Bowser, Diablo, Balrog or anything scary you can think of.
Okay lah, exaggerating.
But seriously.

I actually pictured 'O' level as a beastly, demonic, evil devil, but I couldn't find a suitable picture.
Then I changed my idea to a cute, cuddly pure baby because it would have a total opposite impression on heroes and they have zero suspect that the evil mastermind would be an infant (you know, like in movies? no? :okay:)
So then I found this!
Bwahahaha! I ain't even sorry for scary you. It's actually pretty cute isn't it?
So what I'm gonna do when the exam start is that I will post 'health bar' of O levels to show how much have I attacked 'O' levels; and at the same time post my own health bar to show how stressed up am I. :D
Today I am out so I didn't have the chance to open my book, neither am I gonna do so later on because my mood is totally zero. I shall do it tomorrow )

Like I said in my previous post, there will be something today, and as you can read from my title, someone in my family tree is getting married! :D

Yup, it's my cousin! He's 24 this year :D
So my family & my relatives were invited over to his house to have buffet for lunch, as well as the Tea Ceremony, 敬茶, for the elders.
The buffet will be ready by 11am, so my brothers and I met my mother at my Ahpo's house and head there together.
My grandparents did not attend the ceremony... Maybe because it was not convenient for them? Though we met for a brief moment.. I can feel that my Ahpo want us to stay longer.. T_T

When we arrived at my cousin's house, the place was already filled with people.
I have a fear of going to a place full of strangers, (especially adults) and I don't know how to address them.
Because the people are from both sides of the family, it was really crowded.
And then, I saw someone across the room... someone who has a familiar face... someone I've seen everyday.. As I approached him, and tapped his shoulder, I got a shock in my life.. It's...

Guess who?
That's right.
My junior - Yongchun.
The world is indeed small. (Or is it Singapore?)
I never expect ANYONE I know (apart from my relatives & cousins) to be in my cousin's house.
And then I saw him.
Whoa, the picture up there looks really creepy.. Heh candid!
Tried to say hi but his face was really stoned. Like, I owed him a million bucks or something.
Heck, be more friendly leh! Pfft.
Why can't it be like my classmate or my crush or my loverboy or someone else?!
Oh well, he must be from the bride's side of the family.
Saw the buffet, yum yum! Time to dig in!
I didn't take photos of the buffet but a slight one.
I also controlled the serving I took 'cause I am getting diet conscious now..
But I regret not getting more because firstly, it's called a buffet and secondly, it's delicious!!!!
F*ck me right?

Spotted my other cuzzies & relatives. Time to say hi!

From bottom-left: 4th Aunt, cuzzie, 4th Uncle, (xx), Mum.
Da Korkor's son!
Naughty ah the elder son!
Haha my 3rd Uncle! He's a very fun person :)
The elder sister (right) is gonna be very pretty when she grow up. She has big eyes but sadly she wore specs :(
Ahbhor & her husband
Group of people whom I do not know who they are.

The couple is on the right :)
Blur :( My cam does not snap good shots when it's w/o flash
Tada! the buffet! Even the photographer gets to eat to xD
It's kinda awkward so my brothers & I chatted at one corner.
After awhile I went to take some photos again!

Nice door! It's the younger brother's room. I spotted Derpina & Rage Face.
Guess who?
Whoops. Hah he got an itchy nose
Wahlao damn nice sia. I think I'm gonna do the same thing to my door :B
Da Korkor's wife! & the adorable child :)
The other pair haha
It was pretty boring ah, I can't seemed to communicate with my cousins.
Oh well...
Soon the ceremony commenced!
In the past the newly-wed couples have to kneel down to serve the tea, now like no more.

The male lead! Why so.. unhappy..

After they served the tea to the elders, it was now the young ones to received some 'charm' from the couple.
It was shillings. Real coins.

My younger brother jokingly say that it might be chocolate coins, then my 3rd Uncle heard it, replied him, 'you try bite the coin ah see if your teeth drop out not.'
The way he said it was hilarious so -- ah nevermind..

I peeked into the kitchen because I was bored, then I saw this:

Roasted pig!!!!
A whole one! I bet it taste delicious...
Kinda scary looking too.

The pig's butt. The girl seemed amused by it O:
Oh well, one by one people left the house. It was then I felt more comfortable so I went to take some shark fin's soup xP
There was a dog in the house too! A bulldog I guess.. He/she looked sick or old..
The dog doesn't move much, just lied down there looking sad.
It is my cousin's dog, the one getting married.
I guess the dog must have felt that oh, 'he's got a lifetime companion, he can neglect me and forget about me already. Even if I die he wouldn't care.'
Okay okay, too sad already. DOGGGG!!!

Ahaha I especially love this one!

Its tongue sticks out! Kewt!
I guess that's the end of the post! Probably the last one of this month Y.Y
I wonder if there will be any updates next month since 'O' levels start late-October. Hmm..
Till then, toodles~

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