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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The last page of a chapter

Alright, this is gonna be an emotional post. A rather mixed feelings, I'd say.
Today marks the day of my GRADUATION DAY IN RIVERSIDE.

I remember myself saying I can't wait to get out of this school back in 2011, and wow, look how time flies.
Five years of secondary school education, definitely taught me a lot of things that I'll definitely bring with me in life, in future. Whether is it morals, values, knowledge, whatever.
The school teaches me how to be a good person, a morally right citizen, and how to be a leader.
I believe in the 5 years of school in Riverside, I have displayed the RSpirit in one way or another: Professionalism, PassionResponsibility, Integrity & Team Spirit.

From being a newbie in school, meeting new friends, getting into trouble, experience the stage of rebellion & puberty; to being mature, thoughtful, and an outgoing leader.

To me, I had lived in a very negative environment in the school most of the time. In class, in school, in CCA - I always got scoldings and reprimanding from seniors and teachers. Very rare they will praise us, or compliment us. Even if there is just a small part of it, they will always bring us back to the negative part.
Well, it was these briefings and nagging and all the seniors & teachers words that made me understand my own mistakes and learnt from my lesson, never to commit the same mistake again.
It had made me stronger and smarter in each phase of the years.

In sec 1 & sec 2, my class was extremely rebellious & obnoxious, and every lesson will get disrupted by the class jokers. To the extend that we have made our form teacher cry. It was unpleasant.
We went through streaming, and at that point of time I really wanted to get into the through-train programme, and I really did!
I was ecstatic! But at the same time disheartened that my other good friends weren't in the same class as me. Nevertheless, we ate together every recess without fail :)

First day in 2010, some familiar faces, some strangers. I admit I didn't like the 2/1 people in the first place, because I thought they were very proud and looked down on us 2/2 people.
But they proved me wrong - we hang out really well and it was only in mid to late of year 2011 that we started to get VERY bonded. I love my class.

I must say, that our class have VERY STRONG TEAM SPIRIT AND BONDS.
Our class are very cooperative, we compromised even if we a slight object to it, just because we are one team.
We have our darling Darlene (hahaha darling Darlene) who is such a dear so as to celebrate month babies by buying brownies every month or 3 month.
Of course, each & everyone of us chipped in money ;) We are very willing to part our money for our classmates.
Yes, everyone in my class have their talent and is unique in one way. Inside jokes, nicknames, nonsensical catchphrases and more. I could talk about each of their personality but it'll take me ages to complete 'em.

Okay, I shall stop pause before I get emotional. Let's move on to today's highlight ;)

Before I go to school, I met up with Eve, Gaach & the dudes at Admiralty Mac to have breakfast.
Damn, they are so not late. =_="
They planned to meet at 7.30am, end up they came at like 8.13 or so.
I lived the furthest and the first one to come. Grrr.

Waiting for the bus
We have to assemble by 9am, and sing the school song for the last time. This time, I sing it loud and proud. (which is my class motto hehe).
I can feel the atmosphere, everyone was putting their heart into singing the school song, because it was the last time they are doing it.
We then proceeded to listening to the Principal's speech, loads of encouragement and nagging, but it was bearable d:

Next, we moved on to the classes' speeches videos, from 4/3 to 5/2.
I'd say, honestly and proudly, that my class' video was the best and awesomely filmed graduation video. :D
This part I'm a little boastful lah but seriously mah! Others were photos in a video, ours actually have a plot to it and it was really hilarious.
We created laughter among the graduates :)
Here check it out, it's really nice!! :D

Credits goes to Wafir & Yuwen for editing! And everyone for contributing! :D
When it was played in the hall, I broke down in tears when I heard Mr Teo's speech.
His soothing voice, and gentle tone, in addition with the background music, is a killer to the emotion.
I couldn't hold back my tears, and it became a bitch and flow down.
Bitch ass ninjas chopping onions beside me.
Hweiyeen saw it and passed me a packet of tissue.. Thanks.. :')

We also received our booklet and files. :)
After the whole presentation we stayed a little longer to take pictures then moved down to have our lunch. :)
In the end I got too engross in taking pictures with my friends that the food were finished :T
Oh well, I wasn't very hungry anyway xD
So... here comes the photos.
Caution: Excessive photos ahead. You have been warned.

The file! :D

Jas x Me
Fian x Damith
Iris x Eve (wah both nice names)
Elij x Vynx
Vynx x Me
Zihao x Me
Shihui x Me
Arshad x Me
Arshad x Eve
Huishan x Eve
Amaalina (Amad) x Me
She likes the Twin Tower xD
Syuhada x Eve
Syuhada x Me
Luke x Me (omgosh what face am I making)
Eve x Luke
Jamie x Me
Jianxiong x Me (I look horrible here)
Patrick x Me (Here too)
Vynx x Syafiq
Cong x Brownie. haha the brownie is nice!!
Chairperson x V. Chairperson
Eve x Jianxiong
Eve x Mr Xie
Prom date x Me
Darlene x Me. I have no idea why I made that face and that pose
Darlene x Eve
Yay fooooddd!!
Brownies yumyum!!
Haidah x Me
Danny x Me. His face, love it!
Ms Kok x Arshad
Eve x Ms Kok
Ms Kok x Me
Insyee x Me
Jasmine x Me
Don't ask.
My lover. Adibah x Me
Yeo x Yeo
Me x Wafir
Hehehe totally candid
Shara x Me
Xinqian x Me. Cutee <<<< 
Rhynade x Me
Eve x Shara
Me x Jeslyn x Eve x Jiahui
Eve x Xinqian
Shivanan x Me
Xiaoyun x Xiao yu
Junwei x Me
Pohyee x Me
Lloyd x Eve
Lloyd x Me
Syafiq x Me
Me x Linglin
Me x Kaili
Sam x Me
Kaili x Eve
Ryan x Me
Fian x Me. Stupid photobomb!!
Jiahong x Me (Yati and Boss)
Jasmine x Me
Mr Teo x Me
My darlings!
Serena x Rahim (cute right she??)
Darlene x Serena
Serena x Me
Arshad x Serena
Yuwen x Me. Hahahah bird.
Azura x Jas
Jas x Monster
Hahahaha poor Jas xD
Cong x Eve
Eve x Ryan
Eve x Guanming
Guanming x Me. Hehe I'm imposing him xP
There is also cupcakes!! :D

Thanks Ms Haryani! 
Rainbow Cupcakes

Jas brought her polaroid and snap photos of Eve & I! Thanks Jas!! ♥
Then Eve let me have it and told me to put it in my wallet. And I did! :)

Some of my classmates made cards for everyone, some packed goody-bags for us.. I didn't prepare anything for them, and I feel bad... :(
Their cards were really touching.. I could read them all over again.. Thanks once again for your cards & goodies girls ♥

At the end of it the class and I went to catch a movie at CWP, and we watched Taken 2.

I don't like to watch movie sequels without watch the first one!!!
I have to watch Taken I don't care.
Taken 2 was extremely thrilling & exciting. You can almost feel the suspense as if you were in the movie.
I saw Eve in tears, I think she's scared because of the violence and gore, like how they slit the throat or you know, sort of like that.
I looooovveee thrilling scenes. Gives me the suspense that make my heartbeat run.
Have you watch Unstoppable? Go watch ;)
I gave the movie 4 guns out of 5.
The movie is sort of like the games GTA & Burn Out.

So yah, I guess that's the end of everything!
It's amazing how time flies so fast, in the next minute you know it, you're already working.
Scary huh?
I hope that I will still able to keep in touch with my friends, especially my dearest classmates, through outings and more outings.
I love them so much, I really do.
Let's work hard for our 'O' levels and get the grades we want, so that we're able to get into the course we want!
Work towards your dream friends, I'll miss you when I really leave Riverside... *sobs*
I wish you all the best in everything you do! Wish you well in your next phase in life! ♥
Here are some songs for you to cry:

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