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Monday, September 24, 2012

Quick Update #4

Hey guys!!!
Whoa, my last post was like... on exactly 3 weeks ago!
Gosh, don't worry, I'm writing a short update today!
Many bits and pieces of things to write, just to summarise enough to call it an 'update'.
My Preliminary Examination are ongoing, and will only end this Friday. it's a tiring 10 days of exams :(
But I have to put in as much effort as I can in this school-based exam because my final boss is still 'O' levels.
I still have 4 more days left of exam, with POA, Amaths P2, Chemistry & Chem/Phys MCQ.
Today's Amaths was brain-cracking.
Ms Kok wasn't kidding when she said Amaths papers are a tough paper. (Heck, since when she's kidding).

It was a tiring 6 days of exams but I will pull it through!
It will be another 4 days of brain-cells-killer school day.
I need to put in 100% even though it's just school-based exams, because this will reflect on where I stand.
This Prelim 2 is definitely harder as compared to 'O' levels ah, 'cause the teachers want to prepare us for the big one.
So far I'm not suffering from any burn-out YET.
Y'know, maybe just

I am super worried about my Mother Tongue paper.
Ever since I got my June 'O' level MT grade, it was like, disappointing ah.
I admit I didn't put in my best effort because the 1 week intensive revision really extinguishes my brain cells at a unbelievable rate that till now it have not re-cooperate what I've lost. (Yah lah I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean. Life's boring if there's no exaggeration ;))

Teachers and peers said that the year-end paper will be easier than the June paper, well, I HOPE SO.
PLEASE, 拜托, give me an A please Y.Y
Sigh, if like really can't get at least an A2, have to stick with that B.. This is life~

As I was saying, I really hope that the next 4 days will pass quickly.
One thing I hate about the exam period is that during the weekend, you HAVE to study because well, it's a free full-day and You gotta make the day out of it.
And then you decide to slack and check into Twitter, BAM! Tweets saying 'gonna study now! bye!' or 'study date with amaths!' or mugging/studying/revising related tweets.
And I will feel a liiiiiiiitle guilty inside me.
So I am very eager about this Friday!
Jas said that maybe after the last paper the gang could go play lanterns and burn some candles at night! :D
This Sunday is the Lantern Fesitval! ^-^
I really hope the plan turn out well!

Talking about the last paper, it is a 1-hour MCQ Paper. 1 HOUR.
That means students have to wake up early in the morning, attend the flag raising ceremony, and do their papers for 1 hour, and then go home.
Why couldn't they add the MCQ into the written papers?!?!
Haiyo, like that it's a win-win situation for both students & teachers mah: students don't have to come one extra day; teacher's don't have to mark addition papers.

Hmm, this Saturday there will be a new post! (Hopefully I won't come home at night).
I can't wait! xx

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