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Monday, September 3, 2012

Old is Gold

Good afternoon everyone!
Gosh, the construction work outside my flat is so darn noisy!!
Not sure if it's from an apartment, or from the construction workers.
Alright, today's post is rather different. It is, well I'd say SPECIAL.
Actually this post is meant to be posted on 1st of September, but I was out raya-ing with my friends and reached home late, and I was very tired. So I was very upset that my lazy-self took over my brain.
Why 1st of September? 

Because I started blogging again 4 years ago. In 2008.

You can check my archives ;)
So yeah, to me it's a pretty big thing. Hehehe.
Actually I first started blogging since I was primary school, my English teacher introduced to my class about blogging, and I shall reveal you the stupidest and most childish blog ever:

Click it . Omgosh, I sometimes went back and thought to myself, "why was I like that when I was young?"
Then I'll be like 

Please have a laugh, I don't mind.
I blogged since I was in 2005! which is like... Primary 4??! Wow. I can't imagine.
My old entries on this blog is no better.... I WAS YOUNG AND REBELLIOUS ONCE OKAY?!
Everyone went through that stage T_T 

Okay so this blog is about......... My Biscuit Tin!
Yes! My Biscuit Tin. It's like in olden days people would put their precious or valuable items in their finished biscuit tin, and stored them for memories.
I have my own Biscuit Tin, do you? :)
So I'm sharing my very own Biscuit Tin with you! (Supposedly on my special day, 1st September T.T)
Let's begin! :D

Here's how my 'Biscuit Tin' looks like:

This is really a biscuit tin, but rather, a teabags container.
My ex-neighbour gave my family this tea before she moved house, which was back when I was still in primary school.
I kept the container because I don't bear to throw it away, so I treat it as my Biscuit Tin! :D

Some items are:

This is not considered old, it's not even 1 year old, but it's given by my junior, Ameesha.
She is very sweet, she's the one who introduced the word 'shizzles' to me, from her class 'lingo'.
We were playing netball, and I was the GK & she was the GS. She didn't put the shot in and said that word to replace any vulgar.
Then I started laughing, 'cause I find it funny that time. And it never gets old :)

Can you even recognise me? Gosh. How long ago was that?!
Beside me was my very good sister, Minyu Jie.
She's a dear to me, we would hanged out together, with Megan & Pauline Jie.
Times were fun and carefree, everyday there would be filled with laughter and jokes.
I really missed those times.
This picture was taken during my friend, Jeff, birthday party.
He had a lucky draw, and he picked my name out from the lucky draw and I won 1st prized!!
It's a stool. :)

First wallet from my Dad. Cute not?
From a Pasar Malam lah, I was very young, and this caught my eye.
I pleaded my Dad to buy for me, but he won't buy it at first.
But being a Daddy's Girl, he in the end purchased it xD
I still keep this okay! Meant a lot to me. ♥

Children's Day present from my form teacher, Ms Kaycie Lim :)
Unique name right?? :D
Looks cool?? :problemphysics: ?
I bought this with my best friend Eve, in Chinatown.
When we're in primary school, whenever her family go out, she would invite me together and play.
In Chinatown we spotted this and find it very cool, so we each purchased one. :)
Wonder if she still keeps her dragonfly. O:

I'm sorry, did it scared you?
Hahaha! This was a clay gingerbread man (girl) I made when I was primary 4.
My school brought us on an excursion to this place where they all made the potteries and clay objects.
I remember one kiln is called 'Dragon kiln'.
Good ol' days :)

Children's Day present from the school! In 2003.
You can see how dirty it is :(
I lost the manual! Where you can use the blocks to make different kinds of animals :(

This was a puzzle I bought in primary schools.
You know several times in a year there would be school exhibition, science experiment kits/games, toys, etc held in school?
I bought this because my Maths tuition teacher let us play this game once we finished our work!
I fell in love with this and when I saw it in the sale, I was extremely overjoyed!
Pleaded my Mum to buy for me and here I have this gem :)
One time I lost one of the block, the yellow one, and was devastated D:
I replaced it with yellow colour paper, sad right?
But in the end I dunno how I managed to get it back! :DDD

Guess what is this?
I think it's a perfume cap?
I dunno, my best friend Eve gave it to me when I was in P3 or P4.
She passed this to me in class, and ask me to smell it. Damn the fragrance was nice!
Know what's the best part? THE SMELL IS STILL THERE.
No joke. But the smell is faint :(

Colour papers. Origamis.
'nuff said.

Did you go 'OOOHHH!!' or 'EHHH!! THIS!!!' when you see this??
If no, then you have no childhood I'm sorry. I feel sad for you.
I think the '90s kids will understand,
I still keep this! Hahah! Used to slide the thing on top for fun.
This was actually my bro's, but I doubt he wants it anymore so I took it! :B

Abacus. I already forgotten how to calculate using this oldie.

Can you spot my other Biscuit Tin? :D

I'm done with this post!
Do you have your own biscuit tin? Share it up! I would love to see it ;)
Bye guys! ♥

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