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Friday, August 31, 2012

Teachers' Day Celebration 2012

Good afternoon everyone!
Guess what occasion is today? I'm sure most of you are celebrating the same event as I was:


Wewt! Today was the last time we're wearing our class-tee together and the last time to take a photo as a class. 
Even though Mr Teo isn't our AFT anymore, he came up and found us! :')
He's heart still had us. He said his first form class was our class and he love our class a lot!
Too bad he took up another role in school so he has to take a Secondary 1 as his form class :(
He told us he would continued to be our AFT if he didn't know he has to take a Sec 1 class. 
But sadly cannot ah :( 
He even wore our last year's class-tee!! ♥ 

First item: Dance!!!
If I remembered clearly, ACES Day means 'All Children Exercise Simultaneously'. I think.
It started as the flash mob dance, the back-up dancers were disperse evenly, then only they started dancing, not sure whether we were encouraged to stand up and danced to but, meh, 5/1 and 5/2 stood up and started moving around. 
Then slowly one by one the Sec 4 and Sec 3 stood up and dance, but the dance is not very familiar to us even though we had danced to it before.
The dance moves were changed to something else, so we kinda looked like idiots there. Yeap.
Sky were getting darker, and Gaayathri felt the first drip of raindrop. "Shit, it's going to rain."
The lightning alarm rang and it flashed :(
But..... The teachers were efficient ah - planned well for wet-weather programme ^-^.
Lower Sec in the Indoor Sports Hall while the Upper Sec went to the hall.
Mmm~ Got air-con I like! :B

It was better this way, because if the whole school were to compete, it probably take a long time for every class to finish their dance.
So, the judges can only concentrate on a smaller group of students ^-^.
The atmosphere was damn high and crazy!
As soon as we stepped into the hall, screams and cheers echoed the hall.
There was like a 'runway' for the teachers to walk during the concert, then Ryan walked like some guniang, pretending he was a model and pose for Wafir's camcorder. I swear it was super hilarious I almost crawled on the ground laughing.

Mr Chong (dance teacher) demo for us once together with us first. It was so fun!!
I cherish all dance events or lessons because we don't have them often :(
Probably this will be my last one in Riverside Y.Y
After the first demo, Ms Milhan announced the first batch of competitors to dance.
If I'm not wrong, one of the class was 4/3. Then this funny guy from 4/4 I think, go extra and join in 4/3. Then when the song ends, he blew kisses to the audiences and sat back down to his class.
During his class' turn, he's action is one-of-the-kind. He did gay actions to his guy friend and he slapped his back. 
Gaayathri, Eve and I were observing him all that while, it was just too funny - all his actions. 
For his ending right, he did the Gangnam Style dance to end it. Wah that guy damn cute sia. 
Thank God he's wearing his class-tee: Wan. That's his name. 
Eve told me, 'eh ask him to join our class leh!'
It will be awesome if he was in our class!! Damn. xD

Enough of all these words. Slowly look at these photos. :)

The teachers were invited into the stage too! :D
I think this was when the Sec 3s danced for us to see :B
Eve, can you spot him? ;)
Chose bad filter. Orange + more orange. Tsk.
Captured 'Passion' perfectly ;)
'Let's reach out for the skies~'
Blur :(
Teachers enjoying themselves :)
After the dance, we went back to our class to have our time with our beloved teachers :)
I was actually touched that I saw Mr Teo coming up with a smile on his face.
It's like, in Running Man Gwang Su didn't attend the filming due to his drama, but he rushed to the set to see the casts ;)
But why did Mr Teo came only in 2011??? Or was it 2010? Hmm...

I handed out my presents to Ms Kok and Mr Teo, made them card and bought them a small present! (Sorry Mr Xie I didn't... Sorry!! ><')

Noticed the customised postage stamps in Mr Teo's and Ms Kok's card? xD 
I wrecked my brains to think of something to buy for them.
I want to gift them something that can last and like not so easily spoil, I camped in Popular for almost 30 minutes and think hard the perfect gift.
Must also think about the budget...
Anyways, I hope they love the present! ^-^

Kaili and Darlene baked Oreo Cake for our dear teachers!
We were in a hectic situation because everything were done last min ('cept for the cake, of course it was done the night before), the writing of wishes on respective cards; the lighting of candles; the distracting of teachers, etc.
But Mr Xie and Ms Kok were already outside the class and they saw everything inside :(
It was a mess, classmates shouting here and there, people rushing to write their part.
The cake was delicious!
But it was a tad too sweet for me, too much icing I guess?
There were MnM's and oreos too! (Duh, oreo cake? Hello?)
Thank you Darlene and Kaili for the cake!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
They've done so much for this special occasion for our beloved teachers.

Credits from Darlene. Don't you wanna have a bite? d:
Stop drooling. 

Arshad screamed to order us to formed to lines, welcoming our teachers xD
It was funny in a way, we were all 'okokokokay' or 'cancancancan' or 'gogogogogo', everything seemed to be in a rush that no one were angry at each's other attitude that time. I even laughed when I see Arshad or Darlene frowning their face xD
I taped a video of their pretty and handsome entrance xD
(Sorry the video is in vertical ): But please watch it! ^-^)

Maybe you can full screen. d:
It was a joyous occasion. I was blessed to have them as my teachers! ♥ 
Mr Teo came after the cutting of cake! But we sang him a Teachers' Day song anyway :B
Listen carefully to what Ryan and Rahim yelled. Just listen xD
And if you watch carefully, you'll see Rahim holding on to the fire extinguisher and charged at Mr Xie (but it's a joke lah)

Our FT and AFT!

Wanna see some more foodies?

Hahaha Vynx Ahpek! He pose after the photo was taken xD
Cute Mr Xie!
Lol Gaayathri xD
Stone sia you Eve!
Mr Xie was from National JC okay!!! Smart man.
Some more learned accounting leh! I saw his effort put in the class... But the class always so noisy, always don't listen to him, he's expression was very sad, very disappointing, i gek xim ah..
He knew our weakness is theory questions, so he painstakingly find and extract the more commonly asked 'O' Level questions and print it for us.
When he said that, my mind totally, 'wah.. Mr Xie... Thank you so much... Thank you sia really..', yet I didn't get him Teacher's Day present.. :( Feeling guilty now TT__TT
But then he put in so much effort, must not let him down! Though he's not my parent or anything, at least show him that his teaching doesn't go to the drain!

Moving on. Handling out prezzies!

Mr Teo's! I think..
Ms Kok and Mr Xie!
Hahaha AFiq the Artist. Spot something popular?
Ms Kok and Mr Xie. (Mr Teo was drawn afterwards)
Everyone was smiling and laughing, made me felt the warmth of our class.
Okay that sounds really gay. So to break the awkwardness, here:

I don't know if he did capture my face..
Our neighbours!
Mr Teo's back. I also dunno why.
Mr Teo and I!
Mr Teo and Eve!
Shara and Me Teo :)
Together with the sweet girls!
She happened to be outside my class so.. why not?
I look damn awkward..
Mr Xie!
Model for the camera. Photoshoot.
They weren't looking in my cam...
We snapped photos of the 3 teachers that were closest to us with the whiteboard facing the camera.
We requested them to do the pose drawn on the whiteboard, Ms Kok was reluctant at first but I said it was our last year so she did it xD
Here goes...

This was actually a formal one but Mr Teo damn joker sia.
He smiled and pose nicely until the 3rd count he did the pose. xD Haha hilarious lah Mr Teo! 
And not forgetting 5/1'2012! /  

Love this photo a lot.
The announcement were made to call us down to the hall for the concert.
Were looking forward to it! Actually this year I wanna perform a dance, but the audition was during the Prelim 1 period so I have no time to practice.. Y.Y

The hall was filled with Teachers' Day decorations!

First item we had the principal, vice-principals and all the teachers on the stage to take the Teachers' Pledge.
I didn't know there was such thing O:

With Mr Quek leading the pledge :)
Zihao took this. Wah see Pat I edit for you nicely leh!
Then we moved on to the performances! :D
The first performer was an Indian girl doing her solo Indian dance.
How I wish I was on the stage solo dancing too.. :( AISH WISHFUL THINKING MOVING ON.
I felt that her dance moves were mostly the same? Or repetitive? I dunno, maybe to me lah.

The performance was very brief, less than 5 minutes.
The school loh, limiting the time on stage. Tsk.
Next, we had a 'band' playing for us. Actually not really a band lah - 2 guitarists and 4 singers.
Last year, or was it the previous year, there was an actually band consisting a drummer, a keyboard player, a bass player, a guitarist. Among the 4, 2 of them sang.
Oh well, this year, a little disappointing ah..

I couldn't catch what they were singing, until the slide came then it all make sense.
The music almost covered the singers' voice, and it was... not a good experience to me.. I'm sorry.

They did some pretty awkward 'dance' moves while singing too.
I think 'cause they're sec 1s?

After that we had a guessing competition. Happened every year.
This year was guess the teacher's voice through singing - repeat one sia.
One year they recorded the teachers' voice also, just that this year's was singing. NO DIFFERENCE.
For all of the teachers' singing right, I couldn't guess ONE.
I don't even know who are they. :(
This was only one segment only, then finish for the competition.
The planners should add in more variety!!

Okays, stop complaining, continuing on the second part of the concert.
It was by the modern dancers?
Girls dancing ah. I didn't took photos or record it, because... EVERY YEAR ALSO THE SAME THING. DANCE DANCE DANCE BY GROUPS.
Why no guys doing GANGNAM STYLE? Why no one do magic tricks? Why no one do shuffling/tectonic/jumpstyle? Why no one do break dancing?
LOL asking for so much. I should be ashamed of myself.
One year got lah, got tectonic and jumpstyle. xP

The last item was cheer-leading by the Girls Brigade.
I think this was the first time in Riverside that cheer-leading was performed? (In my 5 years in RS lah)
And one thing I'm surprised was that all of them had matching jackets and skirts. I mean, are those sponsored clothes or they forked out their pocket money just to buy them? O.O I'm very curious....
When they started, it's a little embarrassing because some of them lifted up their squad mates lefts, and it was facing the audiences.... #awkward
They wore safety pants inside lah obviously. You sickos.
Ending of the routine they cheered something which I couldn't make out what were they trying to deliver.
Sigh, not sure I'm getting old, or their shouting really sucks.

Hmm, this year I think the best performance was the cheer-leading loh.
But their make-up was really.. a bit too over. Even my lil' bro commented on it to me.
Sure, it was a good cheer-leading :D

Last one, the teachers sang a song to us!
Not gonna describe, but towards the end Mr Hanfi ran to the walkway and did something like a rockstar will do: rocking an invisible air guitar, banging his head, then ran back the stage.
The crowd roared with cheers and claps so deafening!! You can feel your ear drums beating violently.
It was both high-pitched and booming with claps. What's worst - it was an enclosed area.
Show you the video, watch it till the end! :D

Sad that it was the end of the celebration, but according to the tradition of Riverside, the event will officially ends with our very own RIVERSIDE CHEER!

One does not simply end an event without doing the RS Cheer.
So that's the end of the celebration!

Serene came to look for her teachers, and I met many of my batch's friends too!!
Check it out:

Okay lah, only 2. Mich and Hazel! ♥
 Along with some Riversidians...

Xiao Yun and Xiao Yu! My Fav junior ♥
This punk. x)
My girls!!! 
3 of us ( Jas was looking for teaacher :( )
THIS ONE NICE!! Serene I edit nice nice, make this your profile pic!
Netballers Wooh!

While on the way to CWP, we act really childish there.
Eve and I started pretending we're in the army, holding on to invisible walkie-talkies, saying,
'Xiaoyu to Eve over. *krrr* Do you read me over *krrr*'
'*Krrr* Eve to Xiaoyu over. The signal is very low *krrr* We're losing connection *krrr*'

Then Serene joined us, and the 3 of us were allies while Jasmine was the 'enemy', because she was walking at the back so I said (through the invisible walkie-talkies):
'Enemy spotted at 6 o'clock. *Krrr* I repeat, enemy spotted. Call for reinforcements NOW! Over!'
Eve: 'Roger that! Sending reinforcements!' 
Then I pretended I was wounded, and leaned on one of the pole,
'Go.. go without me.. *krrr* you must go on...' *dramatic hands reaching out*
Jas caught me and both of use were allies >:)
It was very silly and childish but along the way we laughed out loud from the school to CWP.
Then, the memories of the 4 of us walking that long distance, laughing or in cramps when we were in Sec 1 and 2.... Ahhh very beautiful indeed.

That's all I have for today. I hope you have fun too! (If you had celebrated Teachers' Day)
I'm so blessed to have these people in my life.
I will treasure them ^-^
Bye ;)

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