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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Typical Outing

Hey guys! Pardon me for the late entry, yes, I came home late last night so I was lazy to on the com and blog.
I need to upload the photos, edit them, write, upload, and to finish one post it takes me an average of 2 hours. No joke.
'Cause I have to edit 'em pictures, view Facebook or Twitter for awhile, snack a little, so yeah. d:

Yesterday's outing was actually a movie at Cine and then head to have dinner at Strictly Pancakes, but unfortunately many of them (my gang) could not make it so we only settle on for dinner :(
Never mind, at least we get to hang out! It's been so long since we went out as a whole. Except for the Muslims, it's the Hari Raya period and they were busy visiting their relatives' houses, so they couldn't make it.
Before that Eve, Cong &; I went to do a little bit of school work in Woodland Mart's Mac.
But we all feel damn tired and Cong was like 90% stopping his work and playing with his Note.
We left early 'cause we find it pointless, it wasn't very productive though, for me. :(

During the walk to the MRT station right, we bought donuts each! :D
I was starving and was complaining, and there was a bakery shop!! :D  I LOVE BREADS. 
There was a sign saying '3 for $2' on top of the donuts but it was actually meant for other breads, so we misunderstood and thought it was cheaper :(
Misleading leh auntie! 

Then the walk I found out something, kinda stereotyping or racist or whatever you say lah, that:
Bangla-men always, ALWAYS, walk to pairs. And most of them are, gays.
Not insulting them or what, but during that super long walk, which is 2 bus-stops away, we spot many pairs walking very closely together, that we find it hard to believe.
The thesis was right! And when there was only a loner, he is on the phone talking. Well, being us, we assume that he's talking to the other pair.
Reached Dhoby Ghaut, Cong saw one gay pair. Not surprising, Hahah, so most likely you will see them pairs in Admiralty area, 'cause that's where they habitat.

Anyways, after meeting up with the gang, I gave Jianxiong's birthday present.
It was like a mini birthday celebration for him lah :D
I gave him T-ara's Soyeon photo cards. Hand-picked from Google and printed and laminated in a photo service shop :)
When the auntie was cutting the photos into wallet size, she commented (in Mandarin), 'wah very pretty ah!'.
I wonder if she thought it was my friend. LOL.

Long walk there, let the photos, commemorate.

Smile leh Cong
Wah show off braces ah

It was a long train ride, and I want to take the chance to snap some shots with Cong!
Realise I have very little photos of us taking picture together.
But for Eve, can have Volume I, II, III, IV, V....

Okay lah, two more. Hahaha.
He's one guy I'm most comfortable to be with ^-^.

So anyways, luckily I had made my seats reservation days earlier.
That shop is too small, it gets full house easily and quickly.
Even though there's a second floor, it's still a little cramp.

Saw a cat, decide to play with it before 6pm.

I come to love stray cats.
I've posted 2 photos of 3 cats when I visited my Ahpo, at different days lah of course.
They all purred and stroke its body against me!!!! *KEWL!!!!!*
This cat did the same thing too!! xD So far the stray cats I've came across are all gentle.

Trying to snap pictures with everyone, except for Yati.
He doesn't wanna take with me....

I ordered the Chicken A-La-King, took a picture using my phone by I have zero idea what happened to my phone that it can't open the files in my phone. I got so angry and upset but eventually gave up.
So yah, sorry no yummy food to make you readers drool :(
Or get a peek on how the food is like there.
Well, I'll say to me it was VERY filling. My pancakes were a little hard to hard, unlike the one in Mac, very soft. The chicken, nothing special.
Cong ordered the Black Forest, it's like every chocolate but fruity flavour?
When it came, Ryan regretting ordering his because he was attracted to Cong's order that he kept whining about how he could have gotten that. When he knew that Cong has 3 pancakes, he immediately break down - he had only 2 (thick) ones. Next time you know what to buy already, Ryan?
Of course, with so many of us, there's bound to have gossip session, especially with Jiahong around.

Man, he is one scary person.
Among us, he is the one who got fresh news the fastest. And even if the matter/conflict/drama/fights were personal or secretive to not many people know that kind, HE KNOWS EVERYTHING.
Like for the outing I only told a few people, maybe like Eve? But he asked me about the details and I was taken aback.
Yesterday on the dining table, we talked about something that happened recently, and he is the ONLY one that gets informative about. And when asked how does he knows?

'I know everything.'
Add a smirk to his face. He's like a spy. So efficient in getting all the hot buzz, it's scary.
And that's why he used to be my reporter, whatever news he would like report to me. It was a great time. But now, he hardly does to anymore. =_=
So that's how he call me Boss and I call him Yati.

Enough talking, here you go.

My arms look exceptionally deformed.

The food there is well, give it: 3.5 pancakes / 5.
The pancakes were too dry, the maple syrup as if it cost a bomb to them. Very kiam siap, give so little. Ryan complained like a little bitch again, but I didn't used up mine so I gave him mine.
And I remembered the first time I ate there, I ordered 'The Druggie', the everything all chocolate, for chocolate lovers. I saw it in the commercials that it was popular. So I tried it, and before I even finished eating them, I had to visit the toilet. Not a good experience, 'cause I hate using the toilet for longer than 10 minutes in the public. In the end I didn't finished the plate. Bad.

Waiting time, it was hella long. We came at 6pm, got our food at going 7pm. The waitress were super impatient in getting out orders, and told us we have to wait 45mins. Pssh, it was longer than that!
Waiting time: not efficient, 2 clocks / 5.

Service, hohoho, 1 smiley / 5. 
Heck, it shouldn't be a smiley at all.
 'nuff said.

We chilled and slack in Starbucks, some of them were really quite, didn't really talk a lot.
Awkward silence here and there, because the topics were all discussed before. Ran out of subjects to talk.
So to kill the awkwardness, here's what we should all do.
Whipped out our camera and SNAP!

You look.... comfortable Jiahong
Sigh Ryan.. When will there be a decent photo of you?
Jiahong looks cute in here! The face so innocent but in real lif-
Okay, that's all for now.
I haven't been going out with Peijia & Pauline sister.
I miss them sooooo much. One day during the September holidays I will go out with them!

Hmm, let's see. This month is the last month of Focus Study (YES!!) but I have to retake Mother Tongue..
I believe that I can get a better grade!!
Teachers' Day celebration at the end of this month, look forward for the post kay! ♥

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