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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Day cum Hari Raya Puasa celebration

Hello everyone! I would want to apologise to you for the very negative blog post earlier on :T
I really need to spill my thoughts out and I felt better penning (or typing) down my feelings, and that to know there are people reading it. That was the past, now, we're talking about the present!

Today my school was having


We were encouraged to wear red or white, but there were A LOT of restrictions as to what shirts can we wear or can we not wear.
We can't wear past years class-T, we can't wear camp-T if I'm not wrong, I dunno as I don't have any camp-T.
Why?!?! What's wrong with wearing our Sec 3 class-T? It's still red!
I think the school probably don't want the public to mistaken us as younger students, lest if we create trouble outside it would be hard to recognise us. Oh well.

I wore plain white :) Same as last year, look a bit like going songka but never mind lah! I've got no red clothes left to wear.
Every year we had our very own RSS National Day Parade, except for one year, I think it was 2009, that it started raining and I think there wasn't any activities, so classes sat outside their respective class, watched the parade going on in the quadrangle, and went back to class and normal lessons resume. Joy-killer right? I know.
And I remember when the parade was ongoing, the teachers from all directions set their sight on my class, 2/2 '2009, because since Sec 1 our class had been infamous. It was really scary.

So I think today there was 2 celebrations so we have more activities planned out for us! :D
Take a look at the parade! The uniformed groups were very suave ah! The girls looked serious O:

Look messy though

When the commander were commanding, I pictured aliens words coming from his mouth. Much like in movies were $^#*&^!$*# CG came out from the actor's mouth. Kay super lame, moving on.

When the sending of the national flag starts, you know the kind of march was not the regular one but the extremely slow one? Eve was like saying, 'by the time the music stops they still marching.'

After the parade, the next activity was held in class, where we did our Singapore structure and having quiz! Quiz on both National Day & Hari Raya Puasa.
I didn't took part in the quiz 'cause I have to help out doing the structure. And I must say, the idea Ms Kok suggest was simple, but when it was placed in the hands of my class, the result became marvelous.

I asked a favour from JianXiong to help me be my photographer :B
Thanks Xiong! :)

Eve's Prom Date
Bird (Yuwen) and Wafir discussing 'bout Gradtuation Day video
Looks uncomfortable
Okay so the quiz I've got nothing much to say.
I wish the school will have like a mini 'We are Singaporeans. Riverside Version'  today to celebrate National Day but noooooooo. There's no such thing. If I was a teacher in the future (highly impossible), and I get to organise events for the school (I like to organise!!), I'll probably make it a blast for the students.
But ah... different generation got different thinking and liking. Sad.

Lemme see if I can give you a quick preview of my class' structure.

Guess what we're doing? ;)
Serious mood: on
Oh! Oh! Oh! It's forming! :D
Okay I have zero idea what Ryan is trying to do...
Luke always caught looking into the camera. 聪明宝宝. (smart baby)
We managed to chiong the structure by 9.05am, that's when we moved to the hall for the next activity!
First we had Student Honours Day, 
It's just awarding the students with outstanding performance and award them for their service to the school. The school very smart sia - cram Student Honours Day & National Day & Hari Raya Puasa Celebration in one day, and that about 3 hours.
So that there will be more time to be spent in class. Wicked.

The National Day Celebraion part was so short!
Next up, we have our very own uniform groups to perform a fancy drill!
According to the emcees, the moves and music were all coordinated by themselves. Wooh bravo!

I'm so sorry for the shitty quality of the pictures, and I got 3 excuses for it:
1• I was sitting right at the front, at the very right-hand side of the hall. So it's very hard for me to snap the photos
2• If I were to on flash, the lighting will be dark (I dunno why, maybe 'cause of the lighting from the hall?)
3• Then if I off flash, it will be blurry.

So acceptable? I'd say yes.

This year, we had RSS NDP, watched a short clip from 'From the Biscuit Tin', and listen to this year's ND song which is my FIRST time hearing it and the lyrics are alien to me. I was anticipating for old and NICER songs like 'Home', 'Where We Belong',  and 'Reach out for the Skies'. Oh and maybe 'Stand up For Singapore' - so when the chorus part starts, we'll be like standing and waving our flag.


Last year was much more enjoyable!
BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO, THE SCHOOL ONLY PLAYED 1 FREAKING SONG AND THAT'S IT. Then the next thing we know two Malay girls dressed in Baju Kurung came out and address themselves as the emcees. The Mood-Arrow totally shot bull-eyes into everyone's heart.
It's my last year in RS already and everything will be the last for me! Can't the school make it better? Y.Y
Oh wait, every year there will be graduating classes and if the school put in extra effort to make it a memorable one... Nah not gonna happen.

The Hari Raya celebration was short too!
We had a skit to tell us more about the fasting month, and I'd say its rather long, and malay dance performance.
But still, the part for Hari Raya Puasa was short!!!
I rather the school lengthen the part for both celebrations, and dismiss us at a later time, say 12.30pm.
It's an occasion and we don't always have celebrations all the time!! :(
It's making me disappointing oh my gosh.

Okay, we're not forgetting ourselves eh?

Here are some shots of the skit! Pardon me for the bad quality Y.Y

The part where the actress kneel in front of the actor, (the actress act as the wife, the actor, husband), was to ask for forgiveness from the husband. It's a tradition for the Muslims.
And when that happened, the audiences' reaction was like 'oooOOOOOOoohhh!!!', because the lines in the wife's script included 'I Love You'.
I heard Danny saying, 'that position look like blo-'. Okay, TMI.

I didn't took photos for the Malay dance, 'cause there were too much movements and it will turn out blurry :(
The next item was, I dunno whether it's called a 'Fashion Show' but, decide for yourself :)
By teachers and students.

Ms Nora
Mr Rizal & Ms Nora
Mr Zakir & Mdm Fauzia!
The male models
After that, then it's the end of the celebration already. :(
Very quick, don't have the feel..
Sigh, it's already over! My class head down to the quadrangle to take a class photo and film one part of the Graduation Day video :B

Fatin & Me!

And here's the class photo! (Grabbed it from Ms Kok :))

Ms Kok like got 2 bodyguards haha
Okay that's the end of today! Long weekend for us! Must go enjoy and take a break.
See you soon! :*

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