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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wave 2/4

27 JULY 2012

Hey guys! *Wipes off dust*
I know, I know, I have been missing-in-action for a very long time, because well, my exams and other busy work that keeps me occupied.
But here I have good news (for me lah)! I just ended my Prelim 1! SO DARN JOYFULL WOOOHH!!

So here, I'm so excited to strike off one of the list! :D

Yess! Just two more to go!
I'd say Prelims 1 was tough, every time we finished one paper, I would discussed with my classmates say, 'eh the paper damn easy sia I think I scored A1.' 
For those more hardworking and more competitive friends in my class right, they usually discuss even the paper had long over.
I discuss my answers with Eve and some other friends ah, but when my answers and their answers are like totally different, I shut my mouth already. I don't wanna know anymore, can't listen no more.
Even though not sure whose answer is correct or not lah. Haha
So since this major exam level: sweats, of course we need to relax and have fun!!
Ms Kok was saying in my class Facebook page that during this weekend go have fun, level up our games (she meant the boys and their Dota) and not study at all. Mr Teo said he would issue us pink forms if he caught us studying. xD
So of course, time to ENJOYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

My girls and I decided to catch a movie first and have our meal at Manhattan Fish Market, 'cause Jas & I were thinking of it since there's student price xD
And if you realised I haven't been going out since July started, (I think). Except for my birthday lah.
So the movie we caught is:

The Three Stooges!

The Three Stooges! 
We wanted to watch Ice Age 4, but the time slots doesn't compromise with Jas' timing, so we settled on this movie!
It's a comedy show, but the comedy I'd say its humour is off-and-on. Like sometimes it's funny, something's its not.
The director set the 'funny' in sound effects and the noise the main actors make. It can be very funny that I actually burst out laughing in the cinema. Oh gosh.
It looks painful watching that, and if you are watching, stay till the end of the movie. ;)
I'm actually quite surprised that this movie made me roar with laughter so I'm gonna rate this 3.5 / 5 brains.

Jas was leaving for her chalet, so we snapped some photos before she leave. xD


I made the necklace by myself. xD Heck, anyone can do that too.
So Jas left at Sembawang first 'cause she needs to work before going to her chalet, while the 3 of us headed to Cine 'cause I want to look for Dr. Martens!
On the way to cine, there were chefs performing, treating the pans and pots as drums.

Cannot really see ah. Oops, the extra guy.
So when we reached there right, I suddenly remembered something: THERE'S GONG CHA!!!
Weewt! In addition, IN ADDITION, there's flea at *scape! Omgosh how combo is that for us? :D
But the flea is incomplete, like there's only a few stalls only.
Oh you know the shop, I think BeadsStreet? Can't remember the name, the shop beside Pastamania, the service there sucks.
I was browsing the barbells there and I asked how much is it, the girl was like macam cannot understand what I talking about. I repeat myself, rephrasing the sentence, she still don't understand. Give me the 'huh?' face, then she turned to her colleague, which then understand and told me the price.
I see the girl's face I immediately don't wanna buy the barbell already. No smiles, no 'thank you', bad service.
Even though their price is cheap, their service is unprofessional.
If not for the shop's cheap stuff, I wouldn't even stepped into the shop if I know their service like so bad.
I rather buy my studs in Power 9 where the lady is so friendly and nice. So what if it cost even more, at least I feel happy being their consumer. Psst.

So unhappy things aside, I didn't manage to find the boots I want, and the samples there, wah, see the prices eyes pop out sia.
Its so damn expensive!!!
So I think I'm just gonna buy a cheap one in Bugis or Far East.
Not sad luh, I'm not a person who go for branded stuff, (I have a very best friend whom she likes branded stuff. xP) for me the pattern nice can already doesn't matter last long or not. Cheap, nice can liao hahaha.
Because branded stuff usually last longer, but I doubt I'll be using that product for so long or many times. Besides, the trend in Singapore and in apparels shop are changing every season.
Now you see high-waist shorts, then it changed to tie-dye or cosmic prints.

I can't wait till O level ends!! That's when we really let our hair down and party for months long!!
Got so many things I wanna do! The first thing is to do my nails then hunt for part-time job :B
I hope Cotton On or Icing Room or clothes shop have vacancies for part-timers!
Okay, I think I side track too long. Moving back.

We looked around the flea, and I was looking for my dust plug.
My windmill dust plug fell off when I wan't looking Y.Y I think too bulky that's why easily come out, so I bought a cheap, flat cream rose dust plug! Okay lah it's not very flat but it's small and very stable! It doesn't come out easily! ^-^ It's only $1!
We scanned around to compare prices (this is a must to all shoppers if there are more than one shops selling the things you're looking for. I always compare my products in Watsons and Guardian), most of the stalls sell at $3 or more! Yah lah, their dust plug is way nicer and special, but all very big and pop out one, if lost after days of buying it'll be a waste. Hahahha!
Oh and yes, we bought our Gong Cha! ^-^
This time is 50% sugar level, one time I tried 0% I thought I'm drinking water.
50% is just nice, neither sweet or bland :)

Still we looked around, spotting 'fires', then head in Cine basement to chill.
Apparently we talked a lot of stuff! I like! :D
We talk from discussing tomorrow's plan to lame jokes to Serene's classmate who see Serene as a prick.
We keep off-topic because it went natural. Whenever we have gossip/chilling session with my gang we would jump from one topic to another topic, it's never solely on one subject.
It's amazing and we didn't realised that until Serene drag us back to the main topic.
We're chatting in the food court, there wasn't a lot of customers, so I thought, why not?

This crazy girl
Another crazy girl
Normal girl. HAHAHAHA
We shopped around H&M before leaving, and now I'd say the clothes there quite nice ah! Last time I went it's like all working adults or suit adults kind of clothes. Yesterday I see got some pretty clothes!
However, the price isn't eye-catching at all. :(
We left there and head to Woodlands.
And while waiting for the train, we spot seats. Yeap, seats for us to --

Serene said she doesn't wanna take with Eve

Met my blogshop owner and got my things! And so coincident the owner was an ex-student from my school! She's my 95' batch but graduated one year before us, and she called me her junior. :T
How... sad.
Eve got her sushi for dinner, and walked around pasar malam then we headed home :)
I kinda miss late night out with friends, especially with the gang. :(
Never mind, this shall be added to my list! :D

Yesterday I actually got the time to blog on the day, but my phone wasn't cooperating with me, it wouldn't open the folder. :(
Now my phone can't sync with my com liao.. Y.Y
But luckily God let me found a photo editing alternative in Google+, which is a relief ah, 'cause I need it to edit my photos prettily and upload into my blog :)
And my com doesn't wanna upload the photos once I've edited them, so I thought I'll just leave it to this morning and blog. :)
Today is another day out! Wondering what are we gonna do later with the girls. And maybe the guys too.
See ya! Will update soon! <3

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