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Friday, July 6, 2012

Special Day: 6 July

Hello people!
Ahhh, it's been a while since I wrote isn't it?
Yeah, that's because June holidays were over and Semester 2 starts.
I think if it were to be called June holidays right, it should allow students to enjoy the full month instead of just what, 24 days or so?
Never mind, that is already over.
Today's topic is about...

LOL I know, I know, I couldn't find any nicer background so I just stick to this.
Months before my birthday, I tweeted saying that on this date I will give out goodie bags to my friends just like kids do in primary school.
I have never done that before because I remember receiving goodie bags from my friends on their birthday and I'm like, 'Ma... I also want...', but in that 6 years, not a chance.
So... this year will be my first time doing it! Hehehehe

It may be like primary school, but it's my birthday and I do what I want!

I was so excited to hand out to my classmates that I almost couldn't sleep last night.
Everyone was surprised I prepared goodie bags and some of them are like, 'it's your birthday aren't you suppose to received presents?'
So I thought, you don't have to always receive gifts on your birthday, sometimes seeing your peers happy will make you happy too :)

Look at all the foodies!
I was kinda disappointed that my mother forgot that it was my birthday until she saw the big bag of goodie bags then a mini lightning hit her, 'oohhh my baby girl's birthday ah!'
Then she say that on this date, 17 years ago when she was expecting me, I had a tumor or a stone-like obstacle beside me. It was like damn critical because if the doctors attempt to remove the thing either my mother lose her life or my tiny life.
In the end God bless and everything went well, and my mother went through hell, sweats, worry to bring her dear daughter into the world.
Thank you Mommy.
I'm also wanna thank God that I have such wonderful sisters like Eve and Pauline. Both of them were my primary school BFFs.
Not to forget my girlfriends who are like sisters to me too, Serene & Jasmine. I'm contented that I'm able to meet them in Secondary school.
My gang - Dills, Cong, Fian, Jiahong, Wafir, Ryan, Jianxiong, plus the four of us girls, always have laughter and bitching sessions whenever we could.
Also, my classmates from 5/1. Truely The Most United Class. This year is the year when we spend the last time together as a class.
We've gone through shit from teachers, playful times, class-bonding, etc. I lovin' you.

Okay, like, what the heck, I'm writing like I'm gonna leave the world already choi choi touch wood touch wood.
Oh yah, I always wanna say thanks to everyone we wished me a Happy Birthday! ^-^

Oh yes yes!! I'm very happy today!! Hehehehe
I dug up all my courage and give my 'shit' a goodie bag. He's just so cute and adorable. I could see him smile until my heart's melted, evaporated and then condense and freeze again. LOL OKAY WTH.
Eve's coming over to my house to have dinner with me and my family! Woohoo!
Can't wait! Still, I'm enjoying this date to the fullest! Yay! ♥

Self-giving. Oops.

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