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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What about my future?

Hey everybody!
Today is not any shopping post or event or activity post, instead I'm gonna talk about ME.
Yes, about myself.

This year is my crucial year in secondary school, I'm gonna take the National exams that decides (majority) about my future.
I've thought of some careers I wanna be in when I grow up.
Actually still this year, I have no idea what poly to go and take what course, so I look through all the polytechnics in Singapore and see what courses interest me.
Engineering, Science (Bio-medicial?) stands ZERO chance. Hahah I don't think I like those.
So I guess these are some courses I've chosen in mind:

Republic Poly: Diploma in New Media
Singapore Poly: Diploma in Visual Communication & Media Design
Singapore Poly: Diploma in Business Innovation & Design
Ngee Ann Poly: Business Studies (Marketing)
Ngee Ann Poly: Arts Business Management 
If I'm not wrong, you need to pick 12 courses for your JAE right?
Ahhh this gives me headache whenever my teacher or the school talks about tertiary schools.

I've thought of:

1. Opening my own business

Because my Dad say do what you're good at, not something you like.
I'm not sure about that, so I consult my form teacher.
She say I can try Business Marketing because it has many aspects in that like innovation and organising stuff like that.
Furthermore, I really love bread a lot, like really, A LOT, so I thought of opening my own bakery and pastry shop?
I've got some fresh ideas in my head now but I've done my research online (must do homework one), that most business when they first started, it didn't went well.
Of course, the starting is always very tedious and challenging, especially in the FINANCIAL part.
Plus, there is already big companies like Breadtalk, Four Leaves and other lah, so I think I probably gonna drop this. :T

2. Be a (professional) hairstylist

I really love to style my friend's hair VERY MUCH, because I'm a girl duh.
Especially if their hair is really long and thick, I love it soooo much.
I watched popular hairstyle youtubers like bebexo and bubzbeauty, and all are just too pretty!
Maybe I'll just go to Kímage School and learn LOL.

3. Be a PROFESSIONAL manicurist (and pedicurist)

Yes, this.
I've checked online to search for schools in Singapore, and I've found one quite good school.
Pink Room, I think it's the one in Causeway Point (though I think it's spelled as 'Pinc Room'), but the diploma for it cost 4k. OH MY GOSH.
But as they say, chase your dream and nothing is impossible. ;)

I've discussed with my father, but didn't tell him about my aspiration ah, so he say take two diplomas.
So at least when one doesn't work, you still have another to back you up.
Sounds legit to me, so MOST probably I'm gonna spend 3 years of poly life, get a diploma, and take another diploma.
I don't wanna live my life pursuing studies, that's not how I want to live my life as.
So, I hope I will get an answer one day! ^-^


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