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Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick update #3

Merry May, isn't it?
I remember last week or the week before, I kept remarking that that particular week had past very quickly!
During lesson time, play time, resting time, time seemed to be in a rush!
And in a blink of an eye, it's already May.
May is the month where I'm taking my 'O' Level Chinese, I have to be confident in myself.
My Mother Tongue teacher, Su Lao Shi, she's very nice. She used the lesson time to teach us morals and life ambitions and target and values.

Because at that time we were going through a comprehension, and all the Chinese comprehension, it is about values and there will be a 'moral of the story', so just nice the passage was about the writer and his 'never-give-up' attitude during his high school life.
Su Lao Shi told us that we must be optimistic, never have any negative thoughts. If we have prolong pessimism, it might plant into our head and we might live a sorrowful life.

She also said that we must believe in ourselves.

'If you think that you can do it, you will succeed; but if you think that you can't do it, then you will fail.'

So I've been listening hard in my Chinese class, doing accordingly to what Su Lao Shi taught, and follow her examples.
My weakest is my Composition - I have to memorise the points and do more of it.
I MUST GET AT LEAST AN A2, I don't want to take it again the second time :(
I'm sick of Chinese, I just want to drop Mother Tongue.
Sometimes when I see Kaili, Jasmine and Yingjing directing their attention to other subjects, I get jealous of them.
So, with all the inspiration posters I wrote by myself, stuck on my cupboard's door, it motivates me in my studying :)
The reason why I painted my room with all sorts of colours is because I feel that with vibrant colours in my room it gives me the motivation to study.
I'm just gonna chant to myself that 'I can do it, I can do it, I can do it' whenever I feel stupid.
I think having a positive attitude has a huge impact on your studies and thinking, or even whatever you do.
I'm actually looking forward for the one week of intense revision -- whole day doing papers and more papers.
Of course it will get stressful and both Su Lao Shi and my class will get crazy during that week, but I'd like to think of the relaxing days after I dropped my Chinese. It'll be great!
If I have to do hundreds of papers before the actual exam and I can drop it, I don't mind even cutting my sleep time.
Without a proper O Level certificate, I'll probably be in a low-wage job or serving people Double-Cheeseburgers with no pickles.
I have to think long-term. ^^
Oh, time management is also one key factor for a good exam grade. :)
Next semester, which is after the June holidays, there will be no first period -- lessons will be pushed forward. Which means there will be no Healthy Lifestyle; the only exercise I'm having is PE lessons.
I have to take time out for jogging.

Like just now, I went jogging after Chinese focus ^^
I bumped onto Miss Milhan and Mdm Rekha at my block carpark as turned in. xD
I feel that I do not have enough exercise and my legs are getting bigger :( (I am appearance conscious and I want to maintain my body :B).
Exercising releases sweat, and that is a good way to release toxins.
For those youngsters who have trouble with your skin right, pass motion helps to release toxins from your body, from all the oily food and fried food you ate, everyday is a recommended way to release the dirty substance from your body.
My doctor told me that if the toxins did not come out from your bottom, it has no where to go so it goes to your skin. So regulate your bowel movement for your health benefits ^^

Last year already, chiong ah!

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