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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eve's Seventeen

Annyeong Hasaeyoe everybody!
I've been listening to too much K-Pop, sorry.
Yes, I'm back again, today I'm out to town, again.
Well, to celebrate my Jie's birthday! Woooh!!

Yeah, and we're out to celebrate her day! ^^
I met up with her earlier than the rest first 'cause she needs to exchange her clothes in H&M and see things at *scape.

On the way to meet Jas and Serene

 Too bad she can't have an exchange, and bought Sam's prezzie.
Bought Gong Cha too for myself and for Serene & Jas. :D
My Herbal Jelly Milk Tea (50%). It's my favourite bubble tea other then Milo Ice-blend.
I forgot to take photo of my present to her, it's something made with my heart ^^
Heheh she said she love it :B
After Somerset, Birthday Girl wants to go look around Bugis for her bowler hat.
She should have gotten it in the flea, it's cheaper there. ><
Everyone's hungry, I want to apologise to Serene and Jas 'cause they've waited for almost 1 hour xP
We had our lunch in Bugis Junction, Lady Boss was afraid there's no good restaurants to dine, but she found one that she can decide and eat peacefully:

Everything with Fries
Nice not? I edit one :B
Everything With Fries - Sells sandwiches and obviously, fries.
But the fries got many flavour - curry, sour cream, garlic and more.
The seating arrangement was unique, like one long, narrow stretch of tables, then at the end expand to more seats. like a shape of a spoon. Can visualise? Hahaha.
The waiting time was long, and I don't like long waiting time :(
But good food worth the wait :D

Hah! Photobombed. Why my nose so ugly??!
'Where's our food??'
Blur sia
Finally after a long wait, our yummy meal arrived!
And I agree with this cartoon:

Yes... It's true, the after effect of smart phones.

Mine was, I forgot but got ham inside and my fries was sour cream flavour. 4/5 because it was salty.
Too much seasoning already.
Crispy on the outside, and the melted cheese oh gosh.
Ooh and Xue Yi saw my tweet and ask me to bring her go here next time.
Hehehe so we can eat together here ^^ Will bring her go :D But not two of us only lah like so awkward.
I ate the raw cabbage, surprisingly eh! It was very fresh and I like it! :D

Rare moment.
The main course is 4 small sandwiches, but by the time we're on our second one, we already feel our stomach 85% filled with bread and ham and fries.
And this was Serene's sick expressions:

Must.. finish.. last.. piece..
I forced her to chomp down the sandwich d:
Big Boss' leftover loaf. 
See she finished her food! 'cept for that piece of ham lah.
That Birthday Girl ah, every time when we're eating, she never had a clean plate.
Last time she finished everything on her plate, now more picky in her choice of food. Haiyoh Eve ah must finish everything okay!
Jas and Serene bought mini cupcakes for Eve and I! ♥

Strawberry - Serene's; Cherry - Eve's; Oreo - Mine; Mango - Jas'
Happy birthday girl is happy
Pretty seh. No I meant the cupcake. Cheh just kidding lah chio bu ♥
It's egg-tart if I'm not wrong..
Then we hurriedly leave to our main playing area! :D
Hint: It's located at JCube :B
It was a long train journey from Bugis to Jurong East, so, meh, why not? xP

The prohibited sign is such a spoiler

Sup Big Boss
Boyfriend on the right.
When we reached JCube, the mall was flooded with a lot of shoppers. 
Can understand lah, just open not long ago only mah.
I hope in months time JCube will be fully filled with all shops so we can have a new shopping haven to visit ^^
The main point, right, was the Olympic-sized skating rink.
Unfortunately the perfect time slot had been fully redeemed and we cannot play on the next time slot - Eve's having dinner with her family :(
Every time slot of is two hour each, and they limit a certain number of people to go in, if too many go hard to play ah.
So... I was disheartened when I saw the sign :(
But Birthday Girl suggested chilling at Marble Slab while watching the skaters play, that's our back-up plan. :B

Oh yah, for those who are finding for the skating rates and opening hours, I know it is hard to Google online (trust me, I speak from experience), so I snapped a photo for your reference. See I so good, you're welcome :B

I'm glad that they re-open the skating rink!
I remembered I went they a few times with my primary school friends, and I even remembered the logo - a small kid's face. :)
In the past the skating rink accept group entry - that means if go in groups got discount, now no more :(
I also need this for future outings and all. One new entertainment venue in Singapore :)
Feeling bitter to see happy skaters skate while I'm outside of the rink with my gloves and socks..

They looked like they're having fun. Of course they are wth.
We chose a good seat in Marble Slab that we're able to catch a good view of the rink: below us.
There are crews skating there to help those skaters who fell down.
Birthday Girl thought it was a cool job, you only need to skate around and help the fallen skaters up, meanwhile you can chat with your colleague. Cool? I don't know.
The following snaps are Birthday Girl's work.

Don't even know why she took this hais
The crews. Skating and chatting away.

Enjoying our ice-cream, we started to indulge in the egg-tarts.

Tada! Cheers to Birthday Girl! ♥
The best part was Birthday Girl saw how Serene pressed lightly on her cupcake in a way that the egg-tart would get pushed up, so she mimicked her actions but failed miserably and end up in a tragic situation. 
The egg-tart flew out due to her strong squeeze and she, with her nimble and clumsy hands, tried to grasp the egg-tart, so the scene was like tapping on a hot hard-boiled egg.
She couldn't catch it, in the end it landed between Jas' legs and poor Tartty got squash :(
It was freaking hilarious because of Birthday Girl's action and the squashed egg-tart, and it stained Jas' jeans.
Four of us burst out laughing, I helped wiped the cream off her jeans ah.
Jas say she thought if she close her legs it would land at least on her thighs and not the floor, very unfortunately she was a few microseconds late. D'oh.

And Birthday Girl said this to me, 'And you was sitting down there staring at it!'
Hahahah so comical, the scene was priceless.
After eating the heavenly ice-cream and egg-tart, Jas, Eve and I went to the ladies' to get our hands washed.
Then we witness a mother arguing with a cleaner.
What happened was there was no toilet paper and the mother want the auntie to refill, but I don't know what had led to the loud argument ah.
But seriously, I think the fault is the mother, just because she was educated and probably have a higher salary than the auntie doesn't mean she can disrespect the elderly.
I mean, c'mon, she's helping to maintain the toilet facilities and cleanliness yet you shout at her for the lack of toilet paper. What the hell is wrong with you?
Three of us were shocked, then the auntie said she doesn't like to shout at people neither does she like people shouting at her.
She broke down in tears. :(
We comfort her lah, so I helped her by saying loudly into the cubicle that the mother doesn't appreciate your effort and job and so on so that the mother can hear.
It hurts ah, like she cried you know.
Cheer up, auntie! :)

I also saw my Fifth Aunt at JCube, what a coincidence.
My mouth was full of egg-tart (I gobbled up the big piece) and it was embarrassing.

Afterwards we just trained back to Causeway Point and Eve had her dinner there while Serene and I head home. Jas was going to Orchard to buy something.
The sky was crimson red tonight, b-e-a-utiful.

It IS reddish-orange! My camera was no DSLR mind you.

Oh well, tomorrow school, guess I'm a liiiiiiiitle looking forward for tomorrow.
Before I go, lemme show you something real cool. Make sure you're eating something delicious.
Ready? Go.

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