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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Restraining self

Ahh... The feeling of sitting down after a long shopping date, is like emptying your bladder after you hold your pee for so long.
I think today was the first shopping trip of the month, and it will be the last too.
I've set rules for myself this year, that I have restricted myself to only splurge my money once per month.
First reason is to be more thrifty, not to spend so much money; secondly is I want to divert my attention to my studies - it's my crucial year this year - my 'O' levels.
Of course, I have to relax and let my mind lose once in a while and break away from all those stress. :)
I ain't hardworking, I am just serious when it comes to work and exams.
So, unless you are rich, Singapore had a small, limited budget shopping haven for youngsters to shop.
I rarely ask money from my parents, only when I have to buy my 'needs' then I stretch my hand out.

Actually, days ago I had planned to make today a solo shopping, because I had a lot of stuff to buy, but then I thought I'd be going to town ALONE, so that makes me LONELY.
So I ringed up Serene and of course, she's always free. x)
Luckily I gave her something like a 'wake up text' because she woke up twice and slept back twice, until the moment when she was about to head back to her lalaland, her phone buzzed. My sweet, loving, message. :)
I really had a lot to buy, but the things were either exceeded my budget, or not on sale anymore. :(
I satisfied my craving for Marble Slab's ice-cream! :)
Their caramel was so darn yummy.
She accompanied me to Causeway Point and then we trained to Bugis!

Trying out new frame! I like it! 
Here, there, back to here.
I think we need more shopping places like Bugis or Far East Plaza in Singapore! I'm getting bored of the usual places already! I wish I have more money Y.Y
Oh, we bought matching phone covers! (Yay!) It's so darn nice we loved it! :D
And if you're in Bugis, one snack-bite you shouldn't miss is the crepé there!
My all time favourite was Cannolly. But they somehow didn't see my order so they had to make it on the spot. What is worst is that after the girl finished making the crepé, she placed in on the order cart - I think she thought it was meant for the other customer.
Serene told me, 'pssh, teenage workers are like that.'
Seriously, no adult at all man.

After all the walking, Serene's leg got tired and she suggested watching a movie.
We're both wearing sleeveless top, and she only had one super thin-material cardigan.
So I bought a cardigan from Cotton On (it wasn't even in my shopping list) for the last minute movie.
It's on sale though, and it looked pretty nice. I'd say it's worth it.
The movie we watched was:

Mirror Mirror!
The starting was excellent, it was like a flashback.
The evil queen's accent was REALLY like a queen (of course); Snow White was really beautiful (I think she was the White Queen in Alice In The Wonderland); and the Prince is of course, charming.
I'd say the casts was perfectly selected for the movie.
I like how the 7 dwarfs had their own personality and each of their character is very distinct, and their dialogues is hilarious that makes me laugh umpteen times.
Really, it was funny!
I thought their names would be like what was in the books, like Grumpy, Happy, Silly or whatever lah, but it's not. O:
And what do all fairy-tales have in common? A happy ending, aww..
Oh, and if you're planning to watch Mirror Mirror, be sure to stay till the end for the credits. ;)
I'd rate this movie 3 apples out of 5 - 1 because there are way too much coincidences in the movie and another 1 because Snow White didn't eat the apple. (Whoops, spoiler. Sorry. x))

Guess I won't be blogging soon, but I promise to keep this blog alive. :)
Love you all ♥

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