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Friday, March 23, 2012

CO2 - Carry On Olympism

It's a normal Friday school day isn't it?
Well, not for my school, it's not! 
We're having our annual SPORTS CARNIVAL today! :D
This year's theme is of what my title states: Carry On Olympism.
I've been looking forward to this date since the beginning of this month, and I prayed hard the night before for a good weather - no rain at all.
God had heard my prayer and the weather is sunny! :D
I called the girls to come school early so I can tie their hair with the ribbons!
Somehow I like to do styling but I'm not that pro at it.. Slowly slowly become an expert! Cheh hahaha.
And we have our very own class banner! Look:

5/1's uniquely, fantastically, marvelously awesome banner.
I spend much effort doing the 'FIVE-ONE OWNS!' because I love doing it! When I do something I love, I gave my best in making it a satisfying result :)
Our classmates' signatures also depicts our unity :)

Riversidians assembled in the parade square for assembly, and the Sports Carnival (SC) emcees started off by warming us up. The lower sec like no voice coming from their throat.
The SC emcees introduced the mascot of this year. I've forgotten the name, not important to me though.

Ze mascots.
 Moving on to the torch relay we had. I think when I was Sec 1, sports carnival didn't had torch relay... But there was milo van, and it was the last milo van the school called for us. :(
This year's torch relay was kinda boring because.. as a senior of the seniors, seeing the juniors doing the relay and the run wasn't far... 

Starting from Mr Chong
Go go!
 As predicted, the school was always hyped up during these kinds of occasions. When the mascots came out, everybody screamed; when the torch relay starts, everyone yells. xD
Lastly, the most important thing to be done was taking the Sports Oath.
I take the Sports Oath more seriously than the pledge, I dunno. I do say the pledge too ah, don't think I'm not proud to be a Singaporean. Proud in some aspect of the country ah..
After the oath was done, the emcees commenced the beginning of the carnival! *Students cheering and screaming*

Sec 4s and 5s core game was Handball.
Rahim instructed us to win at least 4 games, doesn't matter 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. There are, let's see, Handball, Netball, Basketball, Dodge ball, Soccer, Captain's Ball, Cone Ball.
There is also Health Games but we don't count that in lah haha. So it's 4/7 games. Wow.
Never mind, we put in our best shot when we're in the arena. ^^
Handball can be rough and hard to play, especially if the opponent's tactics are better than us or even see through our play. Oh gosh.
Of course, my beloved class was there to support everyone and gave encouragement ^^

Ryan rooting for the playing team

Hahahah! Mr Xie is so funny!
'Come on, bring it on!'
'Chill people, I got this'

Loud & Proud
Wah, look so unhappy!

Yeah, but the Sec 4s classes, they were good. In the end I heard from my classmate that we were in 6th place. :( Kinda sad about the position but one must not be greedy :)
It all ended longer than I thought, after core game is our mass games!
We have an hour or so to rest before the next game. My next game was Netball! :D
Did you'all had expected I was going to play Netball? xD I am the only sportswoman in my class! *Proud*
Netball, because of our teamwork and communication, we won ALL our matches!
4/8 was a challenging opponent because there's Haidah, my Netball teammate and also a shooter, and Farzana, a softball player.
We managed to beat them 6-3, we play until very hiong ah, everyone were grasping for air.

'Heart thumping, brain throbbing'
'Why, got problem with drinking two packet of H2O ah?'
We met again in the finals, and after much running and catching and shooting, we clinched the champion position! xD
Happy to the max because we won for our class! :D
I remember last year it was abruptly ended by the rain :(

The weather was getting hotter as it reached noon.
Hasz, Eve, Sam, Amaalina, Kaili, Hafiza and I were exhausted and rested in the canteen.
The power of so many ceiling fans were so weak that we decided to go up to the hall for the air-con. And also to support the guys lah, there's Dodge Ball matches going on.
Balls were flying into the spectators area often and my class, especially Ryan, would swing back the ball and hit the players. One even hit the butt. Oops.
We observed our class' opponents very carefully, like hawk eyes, then when one of them was hit by the ball, we would shout, 'OUT! OUT LAH OI!!' and I can tell you it was super hilarious the way the guys say it in low, deep voice.

After Dodge Ball, will soon be Basketball and it's my turn again!
Eve played the same game as mine, we are like twins sia - everywhere we go together. xD
By the time we started playing basketball, the Sun show no mercy.
Like it's focusing its sun rays on the Basketball court.
Out of 4 matches, we won 3 lose 1, so our total points was 10. 4/6 also have 10 points, but they shot in more goals than us so they got to compete with 1st while we compete with 4th.
It was very risky to clinch the 3rd position loh! Our opponents were 4/1, and even though the 2 guy players aren't Basketballers, they were very, very accurate in shooting.
If we compete with 5/2 (1st) right, Ryan say it will be fun because it's more challenging.
We were leading by one - 5-4, but in the end... 5-7. Darn it.
Anyway, it's not about triumph or defeat lah, it's the enjoyment we had and sportsmanship we learnt during the games :)

Shara took pictures of Captains' Ball and Cone Ball, so here it is:
Captains' Ball:

LOL Angel's face. xD

Cone Ball:

Monk, use your mantra!
And Jeffrey leaps!

 Everyone were tired and drained of energy from the running and screaming, so we girls and boys took a rest in the canteen and then changed our venue to class.

I dunno what's so funny. Eh never share!
Wahpiang I like pop out one sia.
Hahahah Ivy xD
Amad and Baby! <3
LOL this is so funny
Class Chair and Vice. Awesome class. LOL I love our faces
Behold, the onion rings. Comes in chips
H2O Jenga
Muscle hunk and muscle babe
Open your eyes!!
Oh yah, let me introduce you my class mascot.
Zul and Hakim spent their night yesterday to do up the mascot, even one foreign worker helped them! See we must treat foreign workers nicely, don't stereotype them. Even though I do...
Behold, The Gold Boxman 2000 .v51

Mascot and prize taker

There are two box heads, damn cool. Every time we won any games, Boxman would go and dance in front of the crowd, more like shuffling. I know, I know, LMFAO right? Yeah.

Next, we proceeded to the hall for prize presentation and video showing!

The prize giving was super slow because the SC emcees had to announce the winners from second runner-up to champion; from core game to mass gameS (yes I capitalised the 's'); from Sec 1s to Sec 4-5s.
When it's our turn, we coordinate together that when our class' name is being called, we all stand up and cheer for the class.
We won CHAMPION for Netball and second runner-up for Dodge Ball! :D
For Netball Rahim go up himself, for Dodge Ball Boxman went up together with Rahim.
Imagine the cheers and screams and the surprised looks on the people's faces.
I can say they are impressed and rather, envy of us ^^ Cheh.
This is our uniquely united class, hahahah!

There, our b-e-a-utiful mascot
People were cheering and giggling at our mascot! Hehehe
Oh the magnificent medals

Sadly, due to the weather there wasn't Overall Championships Award! :(
Like Most United Class, Most Supportive Class, etc, just because of a teensy weensy drizzle!
You couldn't even feel it! So disappointed about that. I was looking forward for 'Most United Class' award... Never mind~
Of course, we didn't missed out photo taking as a class after a class bonding event :)

Just, memorable
Netball winners! 
What I'm annoyed about was that during game play, players were not allowed to have ribbons tied on to their bodies. Like on hair, wrist, arm, legs, must be removed to play the game.
What's the logic behind this? That the ribbon might slap the players? Bitch please, I can slap the players with my hair if I keep turning my head. =_=
This logic is the same as one of the school rules: no dyed hair allowed in school. What does it do, affect our performance? No right! I simply don't see the need to remove the ribbons loh.
For the school rules, I know it's because of school image ah and so on. If you're in school, act like a student.
This year's SC was a success! Though I got sunburn on my cheeks and nose, it's not those peeling out type, it doesn't even hurt at all!
Is it only me, or I think that girls with sunburn like a horizontal line across their face is nice? Cheh xP
I wanna thank the SC Main Committee for preparing for 6 months just for a day of event!
It's been hard on you guys! Thank you! And thank God for making it possible too :)

It's late now, shall turn in soon. Goodnights!


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