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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flea @ *scape

Hello there. It's late now, you shouldn't be up online at this hour.
Well, if you are and now reading my blog, I ♥ you.
It's gonna be a fruitful weekend this week, I'm putting my books aside first because I need to take a break.
So right, today afternoon I went to visit my Ahpo since it's been so long since I've seen her, miss her badly :(
As always, she is standing at the void deck, waiting for me. :') It just.. touched my heart ah..
She cooked for my lunch! Heheh her cooking is so delicious! There's Egg soup, minced pork and more yummy food.
It was raining so she didn't go to the market and buy ingredients if not she'd cook even more scrumptious meal! d:
I saw my Ahgong... He's grown smaller and his legs... had gotten thinner.. :( It broke my heart seeing my Ahgong like that.. Well, elderly are like that..
So I have to spend more time with my Grandparents..
I stayed for a long while, Ahpo chat with my but her language I can't really understand, 'cause it's mix Hainanese and Hokkien, although I understand Hokkien ah.

Cabinet in the past, and it's still there. :)
My Grandparent's living room
After that I bade goodbye to them, I ring them often so that they will not feel lonely and there's a filial granddaughter missing them ^-^
On my way to the bus stop, I chance upon this pretty kitty:

Ain't she a beauty?
Gotta meet an online blogshop owner to collect my goods - S II Cover!
It's a Rilakkuma cover, the big & bulky one.
I'm so happy to received it! ^~^
Then I went to Sun Plaza to prepare materials for Eve's present :B

I had a lot of time left so I trained back home to do up on her present, and with my heart and soul, I finished wrapping her gift! Woohoo!
It's about time I meet with the girls, and damn, the train waiting time is getting longer and longer.
Eve first time early sia during outings. ^^

The wind. Opposite side of my fringe.
Waiting for Darlene :)
I looked into the LCD screen, not the lens x)
Hah! I looked into it!
As soon as Darlene arrived, of course, why not?

Well, the train arrived shortly after she reached the platform
Kaylie went to Bugis for her solo shopping, so we went around Forever 21 to see any hot picks but to me F21 is a tad too costly for me.. :T
Walked to Cineleisure for dinner, and then we saw a stage from far.

Symmetrical dress LOL
It's QiuQiu!
I saw Noah Yap among the audience! Well, they were sitting down in front of the stage. He look very ahbeng to me from far.
Eve is famished - couldn't let her starve lest history repeats itself.. Choy choy choy!
She wanted to eat Pastamania, but is was closed down for renovation so she was :(
The main point was the flea - selling many, many cheap things from bags, apparels, shoes to iPhone covers, accessories, anti-dust plugs and more.
The trick to flea markets is this: go there at around closing hours - that's when they kill the price down heavily. NO JOKE.
Around 8.30pm, I think they close at 9pm, one shirt cost around $1-$2
Of course it's like those instocks, people wear before lah but in good condition loh.

Had our meal in Mac, the conversation was hilarious and lame lah, and Eve keep scolding Kaili 'bitch' xD
After that we walked one round around the flea then head to H&M.

Eve & Darlene :)

There was two cameras.. and I looked into Darlene's..
Kaili & Eve
We bumped into Dinah! Long time no see her xD
So just at this point right, because we stopped and started taking photos (yes it was embarrassing because many shoppers were passing by and seeing a bunch of girls taking pictures..), a salesman approached us.
He wanted us to do a survey, okay no sweat. But his real motive was selling this oh-so-he-claimed-it-was-collagen-drink:

Do you dare to drink?
And you know it cost how much for this measly, suspicious, unknown-brand cost? $5.
I made eye contact with Eve, and we exchanged this ^.- kind of face. The salesman, together with his colleagues, pressured us to buy the thing.
Kaili asked if it's for charity, it was not, it's for the company.
I told him I have no interest, but he say 4 of us chip in some to purchase one, then we also 不好意思 to reject them, so in the end we have no choice but to buy this product that does us no use.

Eve and Darlene bought clothes in H&M, and it was around 10pm so we parted ways with Darlene and the 3 of us head back home.
Darlene doesn't want to go home that early yet, so she joined Dinah and her friends.
Before we separate, we snapped some pictures :B

I'm in an uncomfortable position..
Y'know.. there's a toilet behind us..
In the train, practically I think we have thrown our face and stepped by a lot of people.
Blame Kaili! She keep re-acting the scenes when Eve was feeling sick and nauseous on the previous outing.
I wasn't there, so her facial expressions and actions are damn hilarious that her face and mine were cramping. Even Eve said that it looks real.
We laughed and guffaw (eh chim word seh aiseh) and Kaili told a joke: (A racist joke ah)
Q: An Indian burglar broke into a house and took everything, except for the round table. Why?
A: Because 'Yuan-de-bu-nana'

Then we laughed.
Kaili and Eve alighted at Admiralty, so they left first.
I guessed I've done writing my post.
Well, till next time! (Which is tomorrow lah)

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