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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last time being a Karung Guni Jr.

Now it's already 11.27pm. I reached home at about 9.50pm?
I edited the photos and everything and it took me a long while to finally finished the photos, the software I used is not on com but on my phone and iPod because it's faster that way to edit and save.
So as the title, today my school had the annual R3 (cube) day, which means 'Recycle, Reduce, Reuse'.
I don't like to wake up on an early Saturday morning but R3 Day is one event that I look forward to.
It is my fifth and last R3 day in Riverside and this year's definitely an awesome one for me :)
My class' blocks were allocated near our school (heng ah no need walk so far) and it is in walk-able distance!
Some seniors came back to help out the Sec 1s, and class 1/1 is going with my class together.

As soon as we gather at the meeting point, we were dispersed into our appointed blocks and start to collect old newspapers and clothes!
My group members are Eve, Hasz, Darlene, Afiq, Luke, Zul and Arshad.
Got one house owner right, said he have a lot of newspapers, asking if there's any strong guys with us. We looked at Arshad and say 'err... no.' xD. Even though he always shows off his muscles.
He then gave us chilled drinks! Got canned drinks, Ribena, bottled 100 Plus orange.
Nice man or what! :D
We also found a rabbit cage with rabbits inside. The cage was placed outside the house, so horrible, probably because the owner can't stand the smell that's why leave in in a terrible condition.
With all the dust and dirt flying into it.

It was tiring, but we finished our block quite fast, maybe because many people were still sleeping and din't open the doors. Oh well.

My group proceed to help out Hafiza's group, 'cause their block got huge piles of newspapers, too heavy to carry.
Surprisingly, the truck came early and we're able to load the going-to-be-recycle materials onto the truck!

The pile of newspapers
Cong and Elij doing up the newspapers with raffia strings
Seniors do, juniors stare. =_=
Slack already
The other group collect boxes of books, mostly history books. Like Hitler and more lah. Also have UFO, Maths anxiety whatever lah. Feels like they've found gold. They keep digging to see any interesting books and some took out to read, some bring it home.
Only my classmates who took History are interested in it lah.

Treasure box
I asked them to pose for me. Good one Ryan
All historians 
Looks old
Then Darlene found one exemptionally non-related to our subjects book:

"This sassy sex manual contains explicit material. Ultimate bedtime reading"
It wasn't me who read it, I'm not interested, but how many obscene words can you find?
So while waiting for the truck to come...

Candid Luke
Why Wafir, why?
The weight must be humongous 

Class Photo!
After R3 day, Ms Kok suggested class gathering, have breakfast at Mac together.
While Ms Kok enjoys her ride to Causeway Point in Mr Xie's car, we kids took the public bus.
Once we board the bus, it seems like the school called a bus for us, it's filled with 'orange-people'.

While waiting for the bus. Poor Vynx
Human Weight Caterpillar
As I predicted, such a big group of people going to Mac for breakfast, is impossible to find seats for all.
So we ta bao food and sat outside Mac.
We talk and munch on our delicious McBreakfast ^^

Here it is. I'm sorry Eve, I think you would want me to delete this photo.. So I censor it ><

I had something on with my girlfriends so Eve and I left early to go home and prepare :)
We're going on a shopping trip! Many places to go xD
First checkpoint: Far East Plaza - Smoochiezz flea

While waiting for Serene!
Was dazing x.x
We don't give up... Even on train..
I like this effect a lot! It suits the picture omgomgomg
Eve's standard way of standing

Eve wanted to go there, there's flea there - all the make-up and nail polish and apparels.
There's food there too!! Got Oyster Mee Sua, takoyaki, a lot lah!! Make me drool.
Next Checkpoint: Somerset 313, Cineleisure & *scape

Oh but first we stop by at Ion Orchard to grab Each-a-Cup.
My milo ice-blend <3

Going downwards!
On escalators are the best timing to camwhore
Orange Red tea & Milo ice blend
Long queue...
:) :D
We went to Forever 21 to see anything that catches my eye.. Yes there is one but it is not a need so I din't purchase it :)
Head to Cine to see Serene's wallet, but in the end Jas and I bought phone covers. xD
There's flea in *scape, walk there and see many stalls selling iPhone covers and unlimited supply of phone dust plug. Very little sell Galaxy S II covers :( Didn't manage to buy anything in the flea.

Sorry for the interruption.

I can't believe I made a duck face. *slaps self*

HAHAHA GUESS WHOSE?? The Infamous Duck Face *teng-teng-teng!*
The girls, Eve and Serene, wore high heels and after the long walking distance their legs started to sore, so we went into Heeren to rest on the bench. The moment they sat down, you can literally hear the 'aahh~~' sound coming out of their mouth.
Eve cannot take it anymore, so she took off her shoes.

Rare footage
Happy feet :)
She's on the other side

After that Jas wanted to go to buy Birkenstock, so we head to Raffles City and she bought her Birks!
Sian she really buy sia! Make me wanna buy also.. Saw many nice designs online.. :(
She changed to her Birks because it is more comfy than her pumps, Eve wore Jas' pumps as it is better than heels, well as for Serene... She continue to suffer :T

Since we're there, we decided to have dinner before going to Bugis, walked a long stretched of shops we finally eat in Umisushi.

Got my index number: 19
I shall skip the Bugis part because nothing much to say, Serene and Eve bough key chains, Serene bought her school bag, I bought my hand phone cover. Satisfied :)

Shall turn in now, don't like to sleep late at night. :)

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