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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wave 1/4

Greetings everybody.
Finally, I am able to update something in my blog, heh.
I've survived the baby of exams:

I will be facing the mother of exams, my prelims, in September I think, still got long way to go.
Then I'll be head against the monster: 'O' Level Examinations.
Though there will be mock exams before Mother Tongue exams, but I won't count that in ah, as major exams.
So... I'll be sharing all of you my good and bad results. :T

English (Summary): 14/25
Mother Tongue (Compo): 21.5/40
Mother Tongue (Email): 10/20
Mother Tongue (Compre): 44/70
A.Maths: 25/25! Yes it was a shock to me too! xD
Physics: 26/40
Chemistry: 27/40
POA: 33/40
SS: 10/25
Geography: 15/25

Luckily I passed my Geog, that pulled up my Combined Humanities and I got 50/100 for my C.H., I think.
March holidays is next week, but trust me, being a graduating student, there's not much 'holidays' for me before 'O' levels. *Sigh~*
Will update again this Sat! :D

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