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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Friendship worth a decade

Afternoon people!
I had supplementary lesson today, as well as tomorrow and on Thursday.
I woke up earlier then I should be, 'cause I thought lesson starts at 7.30am but actually it starts at 8am.
Anyway, I'm gonna post yesterday's activity.

Finally I went out with Sister! I checked my archive, yesterday was the first 'date' this year.
Cut to the chase, it's just a normal shopping trip, wanna strike off, if possible, the items in my shopping list.
First stop in Causeway Point, got my neccesary stuff and I craved for Marble Slab's ice cream.
We bought 3 scoops of ice-creams and share them - it was heavenly!
For Coffee Addict, you should get Caramel. It is not really caffeine but got faint taste of coffee. I dunno.
For Chocolate Lovers, I recommend Rocher. At first I thought it is Ferrero Rocher flavour, but it taste like Kinder Bueno to me.
For Sweet Tooth, you can pick Sweet Cream. It's really nice and not very sweet :)

Afterwards, head to Raffles City to get my Birkenstock!
Finally I got it, anyway my sandals are coming off soon, so might as well get a better quality and comfortable shoe.
After that, we head straight to Bugis.
Seriously, I can't get much clothes in Bugis when I went there now.
So I came home empty-handed from Bugis :( Felt I've wasted my trip there.
Jie crave for buffet so we went to the street with many buffet restaurant.
We decided on a Korean/Japanese buffet restaurant, but the workers there don't speak English, only Chinese.
The food there was average, not very nice though.
Pricing around $26+ per person? Plus the time limit for each guest is 2 hours =_=

Jie likes the rice cake, don't ever order their Korean Sushi.
Their beef is nice though.

After dinner we trained home 'cause I have lesson the next day. *spoiler*
Here are the photos :)

Okay lah, that's all.
Hmm, I guess I won't be updating so soon? We'll see ♥

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