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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Eye. M-A-P. Ness.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, the weather now is calm and dark. There might be a rain arriving in Woodlands area, so if you're heading out, do bring an umbrella with you just in case. :)
LOL heh. I just came back from Serene's house.
I was bored today and I ask Serene whether I can slack at her house, so we watched movie there with Cong.
We never forgot our lunch - Umi Sushi! Curry udon yum yum.

First movie:

It was funny and kinda dry. Jack Black, without his porgy stomach, is not Jack Black.
The language used in the kingdom Lilliput is weird and we mimic their slang.
Like tomorrow, they say 'to the morrow'. E.g. 'I'll see you to the morrow.'
Rate it 3 Lilliputians out of 5.

Second Movie:

We actually rented Mr. Bean's Holiday, but it was unable to load so we watched this instead.
It's Serene's own DVD. There's Jang Geun-suk starring as the main actor! He's so handsome OMG *melts*.
He is an 18-year-old high school student who stumbled upon a baby, and it claims to be his son.
The baby had an inner voice, and trust me, it is not what you think the voice is.
Whenever the baby talk, the three of us will burst out laughter!
The baby is super adorable!!! There is also a female actress, according to Serene her personality in the movie is eccentric. She's a brainiac.
Rate 4 babies out of 5.

After just 2 movies, we had nothing to do, we just took out our phones and play Draw Something or 9GAG. Cong is buying his Samsung Note later at night :B He is so excited about it, if the phone is out of stock, he say he'll get angry. Hopefully there is left for him!
Serene and I were browsing 9GAG, and we happen to read the same gag:

Don't look here. Try again

I read it to myself, and I chuckled a little, Serene read it in her mind and she immediately yelled out her laughter.
She showed Cong, and he read it out loud but he doesn't get it the first time.
Don't know why Serene finds it funny.
Only then the second time he understood the gag. What a prank.
To the morrow I think I'll just stay home and complete my unfinished homework. Sigh.
Focus study is waiting for me.

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