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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick update #1

Afternoon lovelies.
Before I say what I want to say, earlier on this morning I was woken up by an inconsiderate man.
I hear music coming from the outside, and I thought it will stop soon, but I was wrong.
There was a man, cleaning his van at the car park, with his doors and back door all open.
Probably he want to be like a hipster, blasting music that can bleed one's ear.
He's a f*cking inconsiderate dochebag who thinks that he owns the area. =_= What a moron.
Someone living upstairs could even hear it, and shouted down at the doche.
He stopped his music and looked up, keep on looking up the building.
I was hiding behind my window and spy on him. He then hurl vulgarities at the person, whom I think is hiding too. LOL.
Such person should appear on Stomp. Sheesh.

So I was saying, there's lesser activities going on this February, except for Flag Day.
My Chinese homework and tests are getting lousier and lousier, I don't know if my teacher is too strict or I am just not good at it.
I need to buck up :T

I also plan to decorate my room (YAY!) by myself. xD
Decided to paint something on my wall, maybe buy some wall stickers and painted to liven up my room.
This way I will have the motivation to do my work in a conducive place wahahaha!
Gonna get my materials at Artfriend after Flag Day. Can't wait!

Gonna update next Sat! :D

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