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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mad about Art

Before I say anything...
This is the 'mini surprise' I was talking about many posts earlier.
Don't know whether you sees it as one or not lah, but here it goes...

Yah that's about it, but its nothing very special what I'm gonna blog about.
Still, there's a little bit of awesomeness here, a handful of craziness there and a ginormous amount of fun here. :) (Oh, don't forget food!)

Today, I had flag day for the second and last time.
My class' location was at Ang Mo Kio this year and my group is in Ang Mo Kio Central.
Which is good, you know why? Because there's KOI! :)
Together we took the train and split ourselves into our places. Surprisingly, there are others schools doing flag day too, under the same organisation: Red Cross.
I can tell there's 4 other schools, EXCLUDING US, in AMK area.
There's one primary school and 3 secondary school.
I now realised how stingy most Singaporeans are, pretending not to see us or avoiding us when I look at them.
The worst ones: parent(s) not being a role model to their kids.
Damn... the future generation is wrecked, but I saw one mother handling coins to her son and tell him to 'dong' into the can. HEART IN HUMANITY RESTORED.

I also see 1 or 2 people with so many flags (stickers) on them, I know you have donated a lot.. it's a good thing! :)
Around 10.30am we paused awhile and buy Koi! Hehehe.
Then we walked around trying to clear all the flags we've pasted on the tins, went into AMK Hub and rest.
11.30am is when we meet up with our class and head back to school together! ^^ CLASS UNITY.

This year's gain is sooo much lesser than last year. Last year was heavy, this year is like, very light.

After flag day, went home to bathe and prepare to go out! :D
Destination is Orchard, Somerset and Bugis, with my nonsensical sister Eve.
Went to Causeway Point to buy my GOGO Franks! The cheese balls mmm~
Eve wanted her baby bolster but she can't find aww..
Then we hurriedly zoom zoom - off to Orchard! :D

Damn it no frame. Naked photo.
We always sit on the same direction on the MRT's seat.

I donated to the MSL's tin because I understand how they feel Y.Y
I gotta learn how to smile. Mirror practice 5 min everyday.
What to do when the train's taking too long? :)

I think I need to trim my fringe..
She was talk on the pho- DAMN WHATS WITH MY DISTORTED MOUTH?!
Our toes says 'hi'
Guess who's this pretty girl? LOL I also don't know, is Eve take one.
And the next photo will give you a shock of your life... Well maybe not your life but you will make a change of impression of me. Ready?
But please don't avoid me or see me as a retard. Like the quote says, 'do not judge a book by its cover.'

First stop, Takashimaya. I wanted to get my art materials to draw my room! Yay!
I'm so eager to do it! Can't wait to get my hands on my going-to-be-professional art materials.
I knew I could trust Eve to lead me to Artfriend, well sometimes... :B
So this is what I got:
Acrylic paints, paint brushes, artist's palette. xD
I wanted to get a cheap white plastic palette, you know the one with 6 big holes and small rectangular holes in the middle?
Then this palette caught my eye, though it cost a weensy more, but I want to look like a pro. Hah. *Imagine me as Picasso. Cheh*
I will post my progress of it! So stay tuned! :D

Hmm, after I got my things, we walked to Cineleisure to see the Baggu bag.
At the same time, got my 3rd phone dust plug. Eve told me to get 4 since 4 for $10 but I don't need that much, I trust myself ^^
So I got a Hello Kitty one! :D
We realised the Fourskin bag was very similar to the Baggu bag, turns out the 'Baggu' brand is the real deal.
Damn I felt so cheated, but heck it looks the same anyway.

Last stop, Bugis.
Actually, we went there just to buy the Crêpes and Eve bought her earrings.
I couldn't find my New Future navy blue pants, it is super nice it's not denim quality, something like shiny type.
Depressed :(
Other then that, we trained back to Causeway to get Eve's collar :)

Looking down on you. Kidding lah.
When we reached Woodlands Station, we saw JingXuan, Kaili and Jasmine!
JX ordered freaking loads of soya beancurd!
He claimed that it was the best in Singapore so he ordered in bulk, Kaili and Jasmine were there to collect their goods.
JingXuan is so nice he gave one to each of us to try! One cost $1.50!
Eve tried first, immediately she say 'wah damn nice sia!', then my turn. She ain't lying!

Heard of this name before?
It is located at Old Airport Road.
Personally, I find it very milky and soft. Texture like the Japan Hokkaido milk pudding.
Really nice, it is really different from other road stalls soya beancurd. This even beats Mr. Bean's soya beancurd hands down.
Recommended, 4.5 beans out of 5.
The other 0.5 is because when I ate it, I force myself to finish it quickly and I almost puke.
Maybe 'cause I am in a hurry to gulp it down.
In CWP, Eve saw Shawn Lee! Yes the handsome actor in 'We Not Naughty'!!!
However, he was with his girlfriend and I only saw his back. :(

Eve was damn heart broken, keep repeating his name why isn't he her boyfriend.
It's okay Eve, one day... One day...
Bought some necessary stuff and headed home! :)
Tomorrow I'll be staying home doing homework, after that - morphs into an artist. LOL xD
Bye loves~

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