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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clique's steamboat

Hello hello!
My netball North Zone Championships have already started, and I am damn anxious.
My first game was on 27 Jan, with Yio Chu Kang, and my team lost.
Of course, I was furious of my team mates negligence and mistakes, I even shouted at them on court.
But on time, I chuckle in front of my opponent, to show that we are not losing our temper or showing our mood   on our sleeve.
Still, I was disappointed that we lost, we still have 5 more matches. I think I've said earlier on in one of my post, I secretly want to go to second round..
I thought, there's no teamwork, how to win?


Yesterday, which is on Saturday, I invited my clique to my house for steamboat!
This is the second year I've hosted a friend steamboat, and I actually anticipate their arrivals!
In the past I don't like having my friends over but when I reached Sec 3, I began to ring my friends over and slack around.
My clique - Eve, Serene, Jasmine, Ying Cong, Jia Hong.
Once everyone's here we began to feast! Wahahaha!
We finished 3 packets of Cheese Tofu and one packet of hot-dogs.
It was really chatty on the table, gossiping and telling some unknown facts to each other - shocking, surprising, whatever.
Not to forget laughter :)
My mother put one whole pack of seaweed into the steamboat and the soup slowly turned green.
Look unappetising but the soup was nice! ^^
We never forget our o-ya-bey-ya-som , loser have to clear the leftovers.
In the end it was Jia Hong xD
After doing the dishes, we played Blackjack!
Coins come to me, come to me ^^
I'd lose some, win some, but in the end, I lose all my coins! :(
Cos at the last round, I bet in ALL my coins in, just to test my luck.
The place I was sitting, really bad feng shui :( Serene's side like damn good, always kena 'picture'.
I was sitting on Cong's shadow, so I'm on the 'dark side'.
The one who won the most is Cong, he's the zhuang also.
At around evening time, the rest (except for Eve) head to Jia Hong's house to take his PS3 to bring to Jas' house.
:( I couldn't tag along 'cause I'm having whole family dinner in later part of evening...
They were also watching a night movie! Either 'We Not Naughty' or 'I Love Hong Kong 2012' !!! I WANT TO WATCH 'I ♥ HK 2012' !!!!!!! D:

At the restaurant, I saw my relatives and cousins, I even see my Ahpo & Ahgong!
It griefs me to see my Ahgong on wheelchair :(
The food there was relatively okay, my elder brother bet that the dessert will be something not cold - either yam paste or almond paste or something sticky and hot.
Turns out, he's wrong! It was mango pudding. ^^ 'Not bad, not bad', he admitted.

When we are leaving, I bade goodbye to my Ahpo and Ahgong, and my Ahpo smile widely, and it makes me glad also :)

I din't take any pictures :( Shall grab from Jia Hong once he uploads in online :)

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