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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why every time shopping?

Hello guys, this post will be disappointing to you, 'cause its another non-interesting post.
Which I put myself in your shoes lah, but hopefully its not xP. I am trying hard to write interesting and weird and crazy events or activities for you!

So yesterday was half-day in school, had ice-cream (conetto cone) and pizza treat from Ms Kok.
Afterward Eve and I head to Pet's Station for food for my cute Black! Hehehehe.
Next we move to Northpoint, then to Bugis!

While waiting. xD
Sisters! ♥
I look damn kuku.
I really love Bugis a lot, that it is my favourite shopping haven, I want to go there as often as I can to familarise myself with the shops there. Like when I saw a cute top or cool bottom, I just know how to go :)
Because Bugis is like a maze and there are corners that look the same, you might think you went to correct side but actually, its not.
I had my 'strictly bottoms shopping trip' mode on and yeah, I bought a really nice shade of pink high-waist shorts and a pink small envelope clutch!
I found a nice grey New Future skirt but it cost me $29 so... I was short on cash and I don't wanna spend so much on a 'less formal' shopping trip.
Eve bought her super chio trench coat she's been eyeing since last Saturday and when the sales person went to take out a new one, the black trench coat only left one!
And boots xD

After a while we have nothing to buy, we met Cong, Jia Hong and Guan Ming. Cong already had his blue braces! xD
When Eve and I follow them right, dang guys' apparels are so damn expensive!
But men seldom go shopping, unlike us girls, that's why its so damn expensive and girls' clothing are like half or even more cheaper than theirs?
They got work lah, so they don't really mind.

Dills came and meet us, and brought us to strictly pancakes and have pancakes there. Guan Ming headed home first, eating home-cooked food haha.
We walked quite a distance before reaching there, and its like a small restaurant.
We found seats and quickly ordered our pancakes!!!! Eve was super hungry but the weird thing is she's super hyper.

So here goes...

Jia Hong's Pancake! Forgot the name
Eve's and Dills' Chicken A-La-King
Cong's Black forest 
My The Druggie! Its chocolate pancakes filled with chocolate fillings topped with chocolate syrup with chocolate
I saw Strictly Pancakes on television and on magazines before, so I've been dying to try out!
My pancake was nice in the starting, but as I keep eating, I felt sick.
Imagine a meal everything is chocolate.
The chicken a-la-king looks more appetising :(
Jia Hong also ordered 2 set fries and 2 sets chicken wings, the wings was nice :)

Sad there's school the next day so we trained home after we finished our dinner.
More posts coming up! They will be a mini surprise post soon :)

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