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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Climbing up the mountain

This will be a rather short post, nothing fun or exciting or whatever you called it lah..
I realised that Ms Hesley, being my English teacher, had made me look forward for English lessons more!
I gotta admit lah, last year I dread to attend English lessons...

This is irrelevant.

Ms Lim picked out people who had potential to score well in English in class, Gaayathri, Samantha, Ryan, then she say I got the potential also but need to work hard lah.
So from then on I take English classes very seriously.

This is also irrelevant.

I shock sia when I heard that, and it gives me the confident to be able to work hard lah!
I don't like to let my teachers down when they like, see potential in me ah..
I remember I told myself to do well for Physics for Mrs Lee but I got a bad grade, and she was rather disappointed with the class because most of us also got bad grades.

Physics. Static Electricity.

Physics is easier to understand than Chemistry, personally lah.
So now subjects that I dislike are:
1• Mother Tongue
2• POA (thank God Mr Xie is coming back the next lesson.)
3• Chemistry (sorry Mr Teo..)

Today CCE's lesson is on goal targeting. 
Set myself goals in school and in future - in school I want to f*cking drop my Mother Tongue 'O' level. Then in future I want to get into either Design School, Art school or Media school, something along that line.
Okay this shall be it, tomorrow's half day + ice-cream treat + pizza treat + outside to town. :)
Love you all.

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