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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy birthday Ying Cong!

Note: this post is at night, which means...
I'm not posting post-event entry! :)

So previously we had Chinese New Year celebration in school, there's suppose to be HL, but wet-weather programme so we stayed in class! Yay!
We did the usual quiz, and the prize is - chocolate coin.
So I managed to answer one question correct and got one chocolate coin, and manage to snatch one sweet from the Cai Shen Ye.
So we skipped, concert was awesome! There's many dancing, modern, Indian, Malay, Chinese dance all come out.
There's prize presentation for Best Decorated Class and Best Dress Mascot.
When the Cai Shen Ye (God of Wealth) came in the hall right, the students were like dogs begging for jerky bites, waving their hands frantically or standing up.
My class and 5/2 were very near the shutters, the wall there, so we couldn't get the sweets :( However, I managed to get one measly coke sweet, but i threw it to the crowd for fun.
Then, Darlene and I started to crush ang paos and throw at the students, to troll them.
Ryan joined in, and we three laughed like mad.
For the mascot right, I swear my class' mascot is so cool and creative, that we actually won 1st for the competition, but because we use cloth, we were disqualified. Damn f*cked up rule, they din't even tell us beforehand and because of that we are disqualified. What the hell?
But we know we are the best and we had the number 1 spot is already good enough :)

After school, we met the gang and Hui Shan, Vynx and Guan Ming, to celebrate Cong's birthday! :D
We watched a movie in CWP first, which is Dance Dance Dragon.

If you understand Hokkien, you will understand the movie better and it will add more laughters.
Seriously the reason why I love local movie is because I can relate to the real world and total laugh at the movie.
Because of the excessive usage of Hokkien, the movie turns to a super hilarious movie.
Seriously, though I'm a Hainanese, I don't know how to speak Hainan but understand Hokkien.
The movie, one small part is really, really heart-breaking, that I think Serene teared.
I rate this movie 3 dragons out of 5.

On the way down :) (someone photobombed :( )
Serene, Jas and Serene secretly go and buy Cong's present, while Eve and I stay so won't get suspicious.
So the present was a small bag and a wallet! :) This time not Billabong wallet, really, Billabong wallet cannot make it.

Ourside Courts! I dunno why also.
Hahaha heart-shaped frame by Hui Shan and Serene!
Hui Shan and I! Yup I'm on glasses
Guys! But the more I see, the more I think Cong isn't the spotlight... :(
We walked around, really suck because lack of planning :(
But the guys and Hui Shan din't stay for dinner, so we head to Kazokutei for dinner!
Yes, its my third time going there because its really affordable and oishi!
But cannot every time go there eat lah, must once in a blue moon that kind.

While waiting for food. Showing off his blue braces
I hope that Cong enjoyed the movie and dinner, and love his presents from his friends! :D

My online letter to Cong:

Chinese New Year is coming! Woohoo!!
This Sunday is the day to 守夜 (Stay until very late).
Can't wait hehehe so excited already! xD

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