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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sec 1 Orientation Camp 2012

Good Sunday Morning! :)
I had my Orientation Camp from Friday to Saturday.
I was the orientation group leader of 1/7B and my class was awesome.

Day 1:

Sorry uh, I din't bring my camera for both days, so I'm gonna credit the photos to the respective owners :)
We settle down and sort out the groups and move on to Ice Breakers and Team Dynamics.
Played games like Wacko and passing of the names and more lah, then my 1/7B have to come out with a flag and a personalise cheer.
My group was called Phoenix. Cool and powerful right? ^^

After that move to various venues for Station Games Part I, played games like Minesweeper, Spider Web, Dog and Bone and more.
The time was delayed like 1 hour and a half due to the transportation of lunch thus we have to cancel some activities and skip some games station :(
After lunch we taught the Sec 1s songs and cheers! My favourite part.
Cheer here, shout here, scream there, whistle there, simply fun!
We had Oreo for tea break then move on to campfire preparation.
Each class have to come out with an item to perform during the campfire be it a cheer, song, dance, skit.
We had 1 hour to discuss but my class really had not much to say except for one girl who came out with an idea, but the boys just object it =_=
In the end, its the OGLs who gave them ideas (by right we are only suppose to give advice, not helping them come out with the item) and use the last 20-25 minutes to prepare.
My OGL, Ahmad, is so damn funny. He dances like one idiot and the dances moves is he anyone dance on the spot. Making me laugh till my tummy hurts! xD

Day 2:

Getting the sec 1s to settle down...
Seeing my class again, and the first activity was mass games like Photographic Memory, Ball Transporter, Tangalicious and more lah.
It was damn funny during the games cos of the actions and the humour.

After lunch, we're back to campfire preparation. Today my class, together with 1/7A, were more hyperactive and loud. :)
We rehearse our item and played some games, while Ahmad and I went to a corner and fool around, dancing like one maniac. I can't forget that moment man.
We skipped RS Dance and area cleaning cos time is really short, so we move straight on to the Orientation Talk by Mrs Sng, my principal, which is 2 HOURS LONG.
Heng I not there if not will be bored till I go crazy.
So during the 2 hours the OGLS who are not involve in the OT went to AVA room to watch movie, same as last year lah.
We watched Monkey Bone.

This movie at the front is boring, then slowly rising up to climax.
Going to the end it was super funny!!
Make me literally LMAO, I laughed at my fullest.
Another movie which makes me laugh so hard. I gave it 4 monkeys out of 5.

Titanic is our Hottest Cheer. You know why? Cos we can go on and on and on...
Next, we move on to songs and cheers again and taught them the cheers.
My favourite cheers, I think as well as the rest of the OGLs, are Titanic and Father Abraham.

After dinner, is our campfire!
It was sizzling hot and everybody's high! The atmosphere is there!
But this year, however, I feel it is not as good and last year.
Many times the emcees hints the sec 1s to cheer but it remained soft, then very sad lah.
All the class' items was great and amazing. When the emcees called out for the mascot right, we were shocked because we totally forgotten about the mascot.
Waste too much time thinking about the item that's why.
Nevertheless, OGL talk was good and video was nice too.
During prize giving, my class won 'Class on Cloud 9' !!!
Heheheh so proud so proud, it means the most loud and hyperactive class of all.
Overall, I enjoyed the camp and it give me leadership skills. A very memorable event in my life :)

Thanks 1/7 ♥

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