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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A brand new year, a brand new start.

Firstly, I wanna say to everyone reading this, a

I know its ugly, the background I got from Google and I decorate it myself. Hahaha.
I woke up at 2pm+ this afternoon and as soon as I shower I on the com and starting browsing the net, only ate 2 man tou :(
I'm sure most of you have had your countdown last night right?
I celebrate New Year with my gang but without Eve cos she went to Kumar's show with her family. Yah the drag queen Kumar.

So we gathered in my house for movie marathon, its not really a marathon cos we watched 2 movies only.
We watched 200 Pound Of Beauty first.

It was a relatively funny show and the ending was really touching, I could feel my tears in my eyes.
But, like I said before, I am hard to cry when watching touching movies ah.
The main actor was kinda handsome BUT! BUT! for his age lah, his age handsome okay what...
The fat girl when she transformed is so damn pretty omg.
Glad I bought the right movie :)
I actually bought Rush Hour 3 too! But the region is in China ( =_= I know right... ) and my Xbox couldn't read that region.
My DVD player went haywire that's why I use Xbox to read the DVD...
I rate it 4 pounds out of 5.

Wee so fun!

C is for Chin-

I love it when my close friends make themselves at home.

 The second movie we watched is a horror movie.
Yes I very much am scared and hate horror movie, but because we are celebrating New Year so I gave in. Serene and I were reluctant but we watched it anyway..
It was An American Haunting.

The movie is Alfian suggestion. And the stupid part is he claim that the story line is very good compared to The Haunting in Connecticut.
BUT... he have never watched the movie BEFORE and he said it was good. Stupid right!
During the movie when one person shout, everybody shout together.
The movie wasn't so scary to me... what a miracle.
Because I would press my tragus so I couldn't hear the suspend and I squint my eyes to 20% of vision.
I rate this 1 ghost out of 5.

We head to CWP for dinner at Breeks.
The food there is mainly Seafood or Beef so Eve couldn't eat much so she only order potato waffles.
I did too, plus Soup of Crab.
After dinner we bought some party spray and poppers and walked to our usual playground.

While walking there.. oh hi Fian!

Apparently Ryan photobombed him here
Yay fian!
Wasn't me
You got snowed!
I think he's going to sneeze
'Come to me... Hail me... WORSHIP ME!!'
We reached there and started spraying the snow spray. It was SOAPY!!!!!
Luckily I did not kena much. Look and this:


Looking good Fian
We had chips, twisties, more chips, and alcohol!
We are not bad boys and girls just one bottle for New Year!
Talking and chatting and laughing, playing the playground there really reminds me when I was young... Cheh LOL.

No idea what are they doing

Of course, we girls have our time too!

Love this!
Little Maiden
Jas and I!
Bow tie + dimples? You're melting me.
We started to get high and my laughter was somehow like a witch, and my jokes were so lame I don't get any laughter just this stupid face ^.-
There is still a lot of time left before we went back to the car park so we fool around a little more...
Kings and Queens
So Wafir & Ryan, I assume, was making a parody of  Fast & Furious.

This is their badass pimped up dirt bike
We already know who is the noob
Hahaha this is super funny when he maneuvers the thing! 
We were sick of chips so we ordered...

Rites Pizza! Yumyumz

Group pictureeeeeeeeraaaar

Hahah love Jiahong's pose

Search for our usual place at the carpark and spot a nice place!

The annual concert!
We were shouting and screaming during the countdown, when the concert in front of Civic Centre declared Happy New Year, we popped the poppers down the car park. Pop! Pop! Pop!


Screaming Happy New Year to strangers down there.
Ryan was damn funny. He yelled to this person in wheelchair "HEY YOU! YOU IN THE WHEELCHAIR! YOU GOT ONE F*CKING YEAR TO LIVE! ONE F*CKING YEAR!!!!"

Yelling at strangers was so funny and fun, and when they looked up, didn't wave to us, the boys shouted 'f*ck you!' to them.
Aiyah, its very hilarious xD
This year, we shout 'Happy New Year' to passing vehicles, PLUS chasing them while they drive.
Its goddamn funny!!

Awesome group of people. Wished up Happy New Year all the way xD
Our annual tradition:

First drink of the year!
We chill there, talking and joking.

Wait! Last shot please! :)
Jas, Eve, Jiahong, Ryan and I slacked at Mac while the rest headed home.
I reached home at 4am+ and was dead tired.
Thank you Jia Hong for walking me home! :)

Do you have a New Year's resolution? I have mine :)

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Anonymous said...

I like how your class is SOOO bonded unlike mine. :\ Happy New Year Xiaoyu! :)

✍ Y. Xiaoyu said...

Haha! xD Because we hang out together! You can go out with your classmates more too! Happy New Year to you too ^^ May I know who are you? :)