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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joyous January

Hi there!
Time flies very fast huh? Its already in mid-Jan, and soon it will be Chinese New Year! :D
This month had been, like I put it in the title, joyous for me.
I mean, its the first month of the year and many activities are going on in Jan.
I have
• Half-day in school on 18 Jan, school is giving out ice-cream to us because my batch of schoolmates did very well for the 'O' Levels and this is a treat the school is giving us, then Ms Kok treating the class pizzas 'cause we did well for our 'O' Level Maths paper :)
• Chinese New Year Celebration in school. This time I wanna catch the sweets from the Cai Shen Ye I don't care.
• Chinese New Year on the 23rd and 24th! :D And high possibility I've having my friends over for steamboat again! ^^
• Netball North-zone this month, although I don't wanna play... Got my reasons...
• Learning Journey to Jurong Bird Park, looking forward to it! ^^

But one bad thing is that Chinese focus study had already starting since last Friday, which takes away my 12.30 dismissal every friday :(
Having said that, I really wanna do well for my 'O' Level Chinese Paper and drop it, the paper is in June, I wanna get an A2... Which is super hard and quite impossible..
What I'm lousy at is my Comprehension and a little of Compo. I dislike Mother Tongue lessons. :(

Come to think of it, there's really little time for us to study and all, minus away all the festive days and weekends and holidays etc, the time spend in class is not enough..
Every teacher that comes into our class will always say 'This year is an important year for you. Please take it seriously..." blah blah blah and so on.
Gotta work on my study attitude. >:)

Today I helped out with my mother, together with my brothers, with the spring cleaning of our house.
We cleaned the balcony and the kitchen. Took up a lot of energy and it was very tired after the cleaning.
But the result was satisfying, sparkly clean. I watched my mother clean the kitchen walls and when I become a mother myself, I know how to keep the house spic and span :)

Before I started writing my post, Jasmine, if you are reading this, I wanna say that the reason why we did not ask you is because you have already bought your CNY clothes and we don't wanna bore you when you're with us.. Like we do our things you follow us, nothing to do then we were engross in our shopping then pangseh you, we will feel bad uh. So please understand k! ♥

Yesterday, (yes sorry again, I reached home at a very late time) I went out for our CNY shopping with Serene, Eve and my younger brother.
We meet at CWP first for lunch and Kazokutei, because the first time we tried it, it was very delicious and super affordable for us teenagers.
If you happen to eat there, I recommend the Omu Rice with Chicken and the Curry Udon.
The Omu rice is like sticky rice wrap in egg, but the rice is no ordinary white rice ah.
The Udon is thick and very Q! Nice nice omg.

After lunch, went to Uniqlo for clothes, my brother just bought his shirts there and finish his shopping already, so me and the girls head to Somerset 313 :)

Waiting for Mrt hehe
Serene's rebonded hair x)
Hahaha photobombed d:
While in the train. I know its damn.. 'copycat' and lame. 
I wanted to buy a sweater in Forever 21 but when we reached there, there's no more on the rack! :(
But I found another sweater which is very nice hehe, furthermore if you're a student and you spend $59 and above, you get discount! I think 10% or something can't remember, but got discount if you spend over $59. 

Surprisingly, when we reached Bugis, it seems like the whole of Singapore population gathered in Bugis.
Packed like sardines, squeeze here squeeze there. The entrance was a bottle neck.
Good thing there's more than one entrance to enter the place.
We head straight to second floor, there's lesser people and don't have to squeeze here and there.
Bought my CNY shoe and top! :D
I can't find any bottoms so the next trip I'm going to buy strictly bottoms. 
Third floor more peaceful, and run away as you like.

Shopped for hours, then decided to eat dinner at Pastamania! :)

But first, glam check.
We can't be as goofy and funny than the boys but still..
I was starving from all the walking, took up my energy, legs are breaking.
As we sat down on the chair, Serene and I let out a 'Ahhhh' damn loud like one ah pek finish digging his ear.
After ordering food, Eve like to open the cheese jar and pour like one huge mountain of cheese, then after munching she felt something hard in her mouth, so she spat it out, turns out - glass.
We were damn shock lah! Glass sia!
So we told the manager-in-charge and he's like 'oh my God..', then he questioned Eve whether she got open the lid and pour the cheese out not, then she say yes lah.
After that he change a new plate of Spicy Chicken, and the next thing we saw, the staff were taking away everyone's cheese on the table.
Serene keep emphasizing that it is very serious and the manager is apologising profusely and pleasing us until we left the restaurant, really, after we left he said sorry and thank you and 'see you again'. :)
Serene said that, it this happened to an auntie, she will lodge a complain and sue them then the place will shut down and the company will suffer heavy losses, 'cause what if the glass cut her throat or something?
Ouch. Then the manager treat us apple pie as like an apology ah, but we were too full to eat so we dabao and met with Cong, Jia Hong, Dills and Fian, and gave them the treat :)
So long never see Abdillah! xD Still as funny as ever.

Fian, Cong & Jia Hong head to Bugis while we followed Dills to Vans, he need buy school shoe.
Then that's when I realised, boys are more fickle-minded then we girls are. He was choosing a shoe for so long it felt like an eternity. LOL cheh no lah just joking.
In Vans if you spend $88 and above you get lucky dip.
He chose one and scratched the paper, and guess what he got?
F*cking lucky guy, 'cause got us lucky angels mah ^^

After we met up, we head to Arab Street to chill, wanted to have sheesha also but the rules were very strict so we are unable to have sheesha..
We sat in a very nice and comfortable room, we sat on the floor and the boys had their dinner.
The food was freaking expensive, small portions and slow in delivering.
But the ambience is nice and suitable for chilling, plus, there's belly dancer for bonus!

Chillin' on the floor (on cushions lah)
With the tabao Potato Waffles & Apple Pie
We ordered onion rings and their potato boat, the onion rings right, only 7 pieces.
Then we talk and talk..

Hi, Over here lah Eve.
So you wanna see belly dancer??
We witness a hot babe dancing in front of us for free, and Dills spazz over the chick.

Should have use flash, more clearer! But like pian tai like that
We girls went home first, and talked on the way back.
Hopefully there will be another shopping trip before CNY to clear my shopping list.

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